Sön 26 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Goal: successful treatment for cancer patients

WntResearch has taken yet another impressive leap. Based on research from Lund University, the company is on the way to successfully introducing a novel anti-metastatic therapy for the treatment of cancer patients. Not only does the project developed by WntResearch target a large and so far unmet medical need in society at large, it also provides opportunities for medical expertise, particularly within cancer, to excel in Lund and the Medicon Valley region.

Cancer affects one in three individuals and is the leading cause of death below the age of 75 in most Western countries. Although enormous efforts have been focused on improving diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer, the overall mortality rates remain virtually constant.

Targeting the problem
The primary tumour is rarely the cause of death of cancer patients. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, cancer-associated mortality is the result of cancer cell dissemination to other organs, forming new metastases. The inherent problem with most current therapeutic approaches is their failure to target the dissemination process, thus failing to provide the correct treatment for the majority of cancer patients.
Based on research conducted and organised by Professor Tommy Andersson, Lund University, WntResearch has developed a potential therapy that inhibits the formation of metastases, thus targeting the problem with dissemination at its core. The project, Foxy 5, is currently in clinical phase with the first patients screening underway.
“The achievements and findings made in academic research, driven by curiosity, are now being further developed by the commercial biotech company WntResearch AB. This is a perfect example of how academia and industry can collaborate and strive towards common goals which could have a great impact on society at large“, says Professor Tommy Andersson, CSO of WntResearch.

Securing future development
Human, environmental and economic aspects need to be taken into consideration when developing new therapies. Cancer affects not only the patients, but their entire families as well. Human suffering is immeasurable. Cancer also affects the healthcare system, each year challenging it with unimaginable costs.
“Developing new diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer patients should be a top priority throughout healthcare in general. We have in the past been able to secure financial support from various innovation schemes. In order to secure future development and move faster towards our clinical goals, we have made WntResearch into a public company, listed on the Swedish equity marketplace AktieTorget”, CEO Nils Brunner explains.
WntResearch has also been granted support through Eurostars, which made it possible to take project Foxy 5 to the next level.
WntResearch has successfully established a solid foundation and is now moving rapidly – the destination is set to successfully introducing a cost-efficient, safe and effective treatment for cancer patients by targeting the formation of metastases.
The company is a cluster of expertise from both Sweden and Denmark, working across geographical and disciplinary borders in order to meet an ever-expanding medical need.