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Gothenburg’s Sharpest Executive Search Team?

Finding senior level executives is a complicated challenge. Luckily, there are executive search companies offering support of such an undertaking. One of them is TRANSEARCH International, a partner-owned organisation, present in 40 countries, including Sweden.

TRANSEARCH International, headquartered in London, is one of the leading executive search network organisations in the world. It’s owned by its partners with the main purpose of recruiting executives to leading positions within industry, public services and non-profit organisations. In Sweden, it was established in the early 1980s and has become one of the leading retained executive search companies.
In each executive search, the company creates a team encompassing all the required functions.
”When initiating an assignment, our team meets with key people in our client’s organisation, such as the manager in charge of the recruitment, the HR Manager, the chairman of the board and key stakeholders. All information is of course treated with the utmost confidentiality,” says Elinor Hartung, Executive Search Consultant/Partner at TRANSEARCH International Sweden AB in Gothenburg.
By focusing on the people ’in’ the market, rather than ’on’ the market, TRANSEARCH International are able to pinpoint highly skilled executives best-fitted for the job at hand. They actively search across their extensive network of professionals, regardless of whether they’re between jobs or not.
“With our broad network of contacts, and since our consultants and researchers have the appropriate industry knowledge, we know where to find the best candidates,” tells Elinor Hartung, who has a long leadership experience from the life science industry.
A research consultant makes the initial contact with the candidate and hands over a detailed job description. So when they meet the candidate at an interview he or she has a good picture of the assignment and their dialogue can reach deeper.
“Many whom we contact haven’t thought about leaving their current position, which means that they need some more time to make the decision compared to someone actively searching for a new job. However, they’re usually worth waiting for.”

Proven Working Procedure
There are many uncertainties in the process of finding and recruiting a new executive. Therefore, TRANSEARCH International has developed the Orxestra© method in conjunction with their Leadership Advisor John O. Burdett – world-renowned coach and best-selling author.
Orxestra reduces the uncertainties and risks in an executive hire by probing deeper at the qualifications of the candidate. The method focuses on all areas that are important for a successful executive recruitment.
“For a recruitment to be successful, it’s important that the candidate fits the corporate culture, the team he or she is going to lead and is qualified to manage the tasks and challenges faced by the company. Orxestra furthermore examines role specific leadership competencies for each position enabling consensus among stakeholders in the client hiring team,” Elinor Hartung concludes.