Fre 14 jun / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Growing Together

To better assist the many small life science companies in Sweden, the recruitment and engineering consultancy company Technogarden has developed a range of services especially targeting the challenges faced in the early stages of development.

Technogarden Engineering Resources AB offers recruitment and consultancy services in a number of technologically advanced business areas, including life science.

”Our range of consultant services covers anything from solving specific technical tasks to managing entire projects, as well as interim manager solutions. We also arrange courses and seminars on GMP and GLP etc, both public and tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We have a strong focus on life science since 2015 when it became one of our core business areas,” says Sandra Larsson, Consultant and Life Science Manager at Technogarden Engineering Resources AB, a company in the Norconsult Group.

The business area life science is represented in the company’s offices in Malmö, Lund and Gothenburg. It will, however, expand to the rest of their eight offices in Sweden, starting with Stockholm and Karlstad in 2017. ”The aim for the next couple of years is to maintain its growth rate of 50% per year,” she adds.

Technogarden currently has approx. 15 life science consultants in Sweden and 3-5 in Copenhagen with wide and deep technical expertise and/or regulatory competence within medtech, biotech and pharma. In addition, the company often hires sub-consultants to reinforce their team with the extra competence that a project demands.

By regularly meeting new candidates Technogarden continuously expand their vast network of competent engineers and other specialists.

”We work with well-established methods and tools to find and validate the best candidates for our customers, wether it’ll be for consultant services or for appointing vacant positions,” says Sandra Larsson.

Strong Demand for Meeting Regulatory Standards
She sees a strong demand for automation engineers within the pharma industry, as well as for quality engineers covering purchasing and quality assurance of manufacturing and product development, especially within medical devices.

Since the life science market in Sweden consists of many small businesses, Technogarden has developed a range of services tailored for these, many times virtual, companies.

”We call the concept ‘Growing Together’ since the idea is that we shall join them on their journey of creating, designing and launching a new product. These services especially target the challenges faced in the early stages of development.”