Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Handling large risks deeply associated with maritime business

Shipowners and other stakeholders in shipping need a reliable and competent partner who knows what applies when it comes to unforeseen events at sea, as well as acquiring new vessels. A partner who understands the very nature of shipping, and who always has a fair solution as their main goal. Business law firm Vinge strives to be such a partner.

Maritime law really has a lot to do with regular business law. All companies will need legal aid at some point, be it in growth issues and acquisitions, or in the event of major changes such as disputes and even bankruptcies.
“Managing the legal business correctly is extremely important to everyone involved, it can even be crucial for the survival of several stakeholders. This is especially true in maritime law, often handling big risks and big capital investment”, explains Ninos Aho, lawyer at Vinge’s Gothenburg office.

Support during any change
Vinge is a leading business law firm in Sweden, dealing with all kinds of business law issues, both regarding simpler continuous cases and for complex cases in the event of major changes. The breadth means that within Vinge there is expertise in all areas related to business law, which provides great security for the clients.
“Within Vinge we have all the skills and knowledge needed for companies to get the best out of the situation. This places high demands on competence in everything related to business law, including areas such as employment law, dispute resolution and not least maritime law. All are areas that we are specifically good at in Gothenburg”, emphasises Ninos. He continues;
“It can be very difficult for shipowners to make the necessary decisions without support along the way. Often there are a lot of emotions involved, many shipping companies are old family businesses. Someone from outside can look at the situation with fresh eyes, providing new ideas. We have that role. We support during change and we do it based on the best interests of our client”.

Open to next generation
Vinge has a long tradition as an advisor and legal representative for companies in the transport industry in general. In the field of maritime law, Vinge has the largest group of lawyers who only focus on shipping issues among Swedish law-firms. Everything that shipowners can encounter in their everyday lives are important issues for Vinge.
“The most common questions relate to disputes of some sorts and questions in connection with the acquisition and sale of ships, but we also offer advice on regulatory issues as well as matters such as acquisitions of shipping companies, competition law issues in connection with for instance joint ventures or pool- or conference arrangements, as well as questions related to generational changes. We work with both Swedish and foreign clients in Sweden, and we also assist our Swedish clients in matters outside of Sweden”, says Ninos.
Vinge continues to take market shares in maritime law where Ninos Aho himself is active. Although experienced and with long traditions, Vinge’s current team is comparatively young and seeks to find well suited solutions to new legal problems brought about by the rapidly developing shipping industry. This is something he would like to address during the Donsö Shipping Meet, as it has everything to do with the next generation mariners as well.