Tor 20 jun / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Health Platform in Your Smartphone

With a medical device from Daralabs connected to your smartphone, it’s possible to view your medical data in realtime and to share it with your doctor or a research institution.

With the aim of enabling users to learn about their body and health, the seven creative minds of Daralabs develop hardware for smartphones, coupled with applications for monitoring and diagnosis. Their solutions create opportunities for smoother communication between caregiver and patient, as well as supportive care from a distance.
”Smartphone applications related to health is a fast-growing market segment and we want Swedish companies and healthcare providers to take part in that,” says Peiman Khorramshahi, CEO of Daralabs AB, which was established at the incubator of Sahlgrenska Science Park in 2012. In 2014, their first product, a fertility monitor for smartphones, was prototyped.

Platform Utilised in SCAPIS
The company’s most innovative creation is the Mobile Health Platform (mHP), consisting of three blocks: 1) a medical device that connects to a smartphone, 2) a cloud system that analyses the data, and 3) an interface that allows you to share your data with your doctor, a research institution or just view it on your computer.
mHP has gained recognition and is, for instance, utilised in the Swedish CardioPulmonary bioImage Study (SCAPIS Wellness Profiling), a world unique study on cardiac and vascular related diseases.
”It’s the first time that participants in a study can remotely follow their personal research data intuitively,” Peiman Khorramshahi concludes.