Ons 6 jul / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Healthy values ??govern Sirius Chartering

An exciting development is taking place among the shipping companies at the island of Donsö. Investing in newbuildings is an important part of creating a young fleet attractive to the market. While it is important to keep ahead with new technology, it is equally important to be sensitive to what the market really needs. This is what makes Sirius Chartering tick.

At Sirius Chartering, a part of the Sirius Group together with Sirius Shipping and Vald. Andersson Shipagency, the aim is to work as close to the shipping industry as possible and manage business entirely according to customer needs. Sirius Chartering is active daily on the spot market, but writing long contracts and creating coverage for the fleet over a long period of time precedes quick and short-term profit opportunities.
“Our business can be compared to a sales organisation onshore, and what we market is cargo space on board product tankers. We charter vessels within the Sirius Group as well as other shipping companies’ vessels. In other words, our role is central to the entire shipping business”, says Martin Sjöholm, Sirius Chartering.

Safeguarding core values
Sirius Chartering has expanded the fleet over the past few years and much is due to the investments made within Sirius Shipping, where several new ships have been delivered over the past couple of years.
Other shipowners follow the trend and new vessels are expected to be delivered in the coming years. But shipping as much as possible on behalf of different companies is not the future strategy for Sirius Chartering, but rather to utilize the vessels as efficiently as possible within trades that complement rather than compete.
“In addition to Sirius Shipping, we are currently working with several other shipping companies. We recently expanded with newly acquired vessels owned by neighbouring Donsö shipowners, Kiltank and Veritas Tankers, and we do not exclude further opportunities to enter new partnerships – if there is good basis for it and we can build a relationship that is in line with our core values of course”, says Martin Sjöholm.

Working long term
The threshold on the shipping market is high. At Sirius Chartering standards are high, especially when selecting new partners. This is to ensure continued high quality towards existing customers.
“We place high demands on the vessels and shipping companies that we work with. It is only long-term relationships that we are interested in”, confirms Martin Sjöholm.
Within the Sirius Chartering organisation, which currently employs five people in the office in Gothenburg, there is a very broad experience in, among other things, cargo planning, bunkering, forwarding, clearance and of course maritime law. All in all, the key people stand for a great collective experience.
“We can handle almost all types of business within shipping, focusing on long-term volume agreements. This is how we have worked since the very beginning and this is how we intend to continue our business”, Martin Sjöholm concludes.