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HF Interior shoulders complete renovation projects from start to finish

The global business of Swedish-owned HF Interior has an exciting history. As for the majority of outstanding companies, HF Interior business also began modestly. The three main business areas of today include cruise ships, yachts and offshore constructions. The company relies on a global network of expertise and long-term relationships with its customers. CEO Joachim Götborg, along with Project Managers Lars Fridén and Peter Hedvin, are developing the core ambitions of HF Interior, which was established back in the early 1990s. The three partners took over ownership in 2011 in connection with an all-embracing reorganisation of the company.

Ideally, HF Interior is a global super yacht interior refit specialist. The initiation was small-scale back in 1994, focusing on maintenance and renovations of Swedish and Danish cruise ships. As the industry rapidly expanded, HF Interior soon received inquiries from all over the world and in 2005 the company set up business in the United States. In 2008, HF Interior embarked on its largest project so far in connection with the complete conversion of one of the Hurtigruten ships, now owned by Lindblad Expeditions.
The three owners form a unique knowledge bank where practical experience meets academic knowledge as well as manifesting knowledge of the applicable maritime regulations on an international scale. “Our global network of contacts is essential for all assignments, we have access to expertise covering all stages of ship development and restoration”, says Lars Fridén, Offshore Project Manager and Partner.

Comprehensive interior refit of Caledonian Sky in Gothenburg
Another major project was carried out between December 2011 and May 2012 as the Gothenburg-based business took care of the comprehensive interior refit of Caledonian Sky, a proud member of the Salén Ship Management fleet.
“The vessel has been renewed with a new design, while at the same time restoring certain areas to their original state. Previously owned by a prince, Caledonian Sky was rebuilt as a private yacht, some surfaces and areas have now been restored to their original design”, Peter Hedvin explains.
New cabins complete with tiled bathrooms have also been installed, including new brass fixtures. 15 cabins were fitted with exterior sliding glass doors enabling access directly onto the deck providing a private balcony for the cabin. Public areas were upgraded and got an entirely new design. A lot of brass fittings specially made ​​to resemble existing fittings and decoration were installed, as well as a new bar and library.

Good interior design spells functionality
HF Interior brings out the right design and the right functionality at the right price– and with the best possible solution keeping the environment in mind. By working with sustainable materials, HF Interior reinforces the client’s environmental goals.
“What we do is ideally to realise ship owner’s visions of the perfect ship for their current purpose. Optimising interior design is about much more than creating attractive environments. It is about creating image, enhancing our customer’s brands and increasing functionality. The real purpose of any well-designed interior solution is in its operation”, Joachim Götborg explains.
Joachim Götborg recently returned from Ecuador after a successful mission managing interior upgrades of the National Geographic Endeavour, one of Lindblad Expeditions Galapagos based vessels.
He is currently in Panama managing interior maintenance projects onboard the National Geographic Islander.

From start to finish
HF Interior shoulders complete renovation projects from start to finish, from the very first design to the final assembly. We process the raw materials into final, functional products. As an example, we manufacture custom walls and furniture, even glass walls and mirrors. Each project has its own character”, Project Manager Peter Hedvin underlines.

Going the distance
This year, HF Interior was involved in the extension of the American super yacht Suri, now eleven meters longer than before. The company has also recently been involved in a major project of a residential platform for the offshore industry in Singapore. “Our ambition is to become a service provider in all our business areas, focusing on cruise ships, yachts and offshore”, Lars Fridén continues.
People living on residential platforms must have the same standards as those living in ordinary housing. The platforms should be equipped and designed to contain extensive supplies, full comfort and accessibility – just like any other dwelling.
“The client’s needs are always at the core of our business commitment. We aim to produce the very best solution for each client, no project is like any other, we are willing to go the distance to provide exactly what our clients require”, Joachim Götborg concludes.