Mån 24 jun / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Hidden jewel in the Norrbotten hinterland

Älvsbyn is a hidden jewel in the Norrbotten hinterland. With an expanding business of national interest, crowned by leading companies in vehicle testing, food processing and house production, Älvsbyn can compete with significantly larger municipalities in Norrland and the rest of Sweden.

If you live somewhere in Sweden, no matter where, it is most likely that you have at least once purchased a product that was produced in Älvsbyn. The explanation is simple. One of Sweden’s largest bakeries, Polarbröd, resides in Älvsbyn.
The company Polarbröd combines both quality and sustainability with an intensive environmental work, which seems to be a characteristic of the businesses of Älvsbyn at large. Polarbröd is one of many well-known brands that has been established and continues to develop in Älvsbyn.

Sustainability as a business concept
Working with sustainability seems to be an ever-present trend in Älvsbyn. Another example is the prefabricated house developer Älvsbyhus which, like Polarbröd, is a well-run and well-run family business with sustainability as a business concept.
The municipality of Älvsbyn is happy to support a sustainable development. This is a development where more goods are transferred via the railway to the rest of Sweden, for example. More and more transports go by train instead of truck, including raw materials to produce one of Sweden’s favourite bread. Älvsbyhus is also looking to make use of more railway transport.
The most longed for railway connection, Norrbotniabanan, will not go via Älvsbyn, as the municipality is not along the coast, but it is very likely to create a greater interest in sustainable modes of transport. It is well known that railway transport is by far the best alternative in terms of sustainability today.

Industries of global interest
Polarbröd and Älvsbyhus are the largest private employers in Älvsbyn, but the municipality has several industries of national interest and even of global interest. An example of this is that several of the Norrbotten municipalities have teamed up to form a centre for vehicle and tire testing.
“When it comes to vehicle testing in cold climates, we have a head start in Norrbotten. Our northern location with large undeveloped areas, which is a prerequisite for being able to conduct this type of business, provides a great arena. This in combination with our polar climate, natural light and darkness, provides the very best prerequisites for advanced vehicle testing”, says Bengt Strandberg, business developer in Älvsbyn.
Älvsbyn has built an entire industry of tire testing together with several leading tire manufacturers. The latest addition is an indoor testing arena, which makes it possible to test the tires under the same conditions, regardless of the time of year. This is a new track in the testing business overall, and something that distinguishes Älvsbyn as a first-class centre for the toughest tire tests on the market.

Striking diversity
The diversity in Älvsbyn’s business world is striking. In addition to food processing, prefabricated house development and tire testing, there is a rich flora of exciting companies representing everything from nature experiences to small-scale component manufacturing.