Tis 5 jul / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

High-tech from start to end

Elos Medtech provides qualitative development and production services to some of the world’s key industries. Dental and orthopedic implants, instruments and diagnostic products are some of the key product categories. And it is all high-tech, from start to end.

Elos Medtech is a specialized development- and production partner in medical technology applications worldwide. Having extensive experience and expertise since decades of product development, design of medical devices in selected markets such as dental implants, orthopedic products Elos Medtech is a valued partner for any company wishing to expand in these areas.
“Our reputation for quality is the result of an approach that builds it into every step of the process”, initiates Jan Wahlström, CEO and President at Elos Medtech.

Creating life-changing effects
The products manufactured by Elos Medtech for customers in the medtech industry are used to treat millions of patients all over the world. The products are used for a multitude of health-improving purposes. Creating better quality of life has always been the very core of Elos Medtech operations, as specified in the company vision and mission.
“Our slogan is “Our world continues to change – our passion remains the same”. Making a concrete difference in people’s lives is a core value of that passion”, says Jan Wahlström.
The Elos Medtech way of working is not market- or product-specific, but rather based upon commitment to complete performance, and meticulous, proven processes. “We support the development and production of any medical technology that falls within our service and manufacturing capabilities. Our operators are well-trained, and accustomed to working with high quality standards”, says Malin Gustavsson, Marketing Director, and continues:
“We work closely with our customers as well as engineering specialists to ensure optimal manufacturing processes and production technologies. As different projects have different design and manufacturing requirements, we choose to be flexible throughout the process”.
“We operate solely and strictly on our belief that a tiny device, or even just a component, can have life-changing effects”.

Always operating at the forefront
Healthcare demands change continually, and sometimes rapidly. Manufacturing and introducing successful, innovative healthcare products require flexibility and versatility. Not least during a crisis. This is everyday working practice at Elos Medtech, always operating at the forefront of technological advancement.
As an example, dental implant treatment of tomorrow will be tailored to each patient using 3D-technology. For a natural look, the new implants are created using each individual patient’s natural teeth and bone structure. The same principles are applied when creating new hearing implants as well as orthopedic implants.
Aside from the development and production of instruments, , and implants for advanced dental and fracture surgery, Elos Medtech also offers components for bone-anchored hearing implants, diagnostic products and multi-use injection systems. The company will continue to support medical technology companies of the future with innovative development and manufacturing services.