Mån 11 dec / År 41 / Nr 5 2023

How are you measuring your molecule?

Accurately detecting and measuring an active pharmaceutical ingredient in, for example, a drop of spinal fluid from a mouse or one ml of blood from a human, requires know-how, a piece of paper and some big, shiny machines.

Q&Q Labs has all three.
The Gothenburg-based analytical chemistry lab specializes in providing tailor-made quality control methods and protocols in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations.
As such, pharmaceutical and biotech customers can characterize their active ingredient and validate what happens to it when it’s mixed with a bodily fluid – these are necessary and important steps on the road to regulatory approval.
Q&Q Labs was established in 2011 with the backbone of the team coming from analytical testing roles at the international life science companies.

Rickard Wahlström is CEO and one of the founders, “We are growing and now have around 200 customers of which a large number require GMP/GLP services. We get to develop and validate specific analysis methods for specific molecules on a daily basis”.
Five years of helping companies with laboratory intensive procedures according to GLP & GMP standards has led to Q&Q Labs being accredited by Swedac and the Swedish Medical Products Agency. These certifications have helped raise the profile of the company.

Relocating into AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub in 2014 has led to more contact with AstraZeneca, as well as with other BioVentureHub companies. The new location facilitates interactions with AstraZeneca’s analytical experts and provides more space for the company’s powerful and expensive UHPLC-QQQ and UHPLC-QTOF mass spectrometry instruments, which filter ionized molecules depending on mass to charge ratio and measure the accurate mass of a molecule, respectively.

Rickard Wahlström concludes, “We have the know-how, the certification and the machines. And we love measuring molecules!”