Mån 6 dec / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

I-Mind Turns Data into Knowledge

I-Mind Consulting is a service provider of high-quality data management and analysis of drug development projects and clinical trials. The company is growing and is actively searching for talented statisticians and statistical programmers, especially with experience from the pharmaceutical industry.

I-Mind Consulting, based in Lund, Sweden, supports life science companies and organisations with statistical expertise and statistical programming since 2010.

”We have medtech, pharma and functional food companies as customers and handle all phases from experimental methods and methodology studies (pre-clinical), through clinical phases I-IV to post marketing studies across a large number of therapeutic areas. Everyone working here has at least 16-17 years of experience in the business and quality is the most important aspect of what we deliver,” says Mats Hindefelt, Senior Consultant at I-Mind Consulting.

I-Mind’s statistical services cover all the statistical activities related to clinical trials from study design to preparing deliverables for the final integrated clinical report, as well as writing the statistical sections.

Their programmers have extensive knowledge within CDISC and put a lot of effort on examining the data from CROs and make them up-date it to common data standards such as SDTM and ADaM.

”What we do most is statistical programming and our greatest expertise is management and analysis of clinical data,” comments André Albrup, Senior Consultant and Chairman of I-Mind Consulting.

The big pharma companies handle these issues in-house, but small biotech companies often have problems with this. In their procurement of CRO services they sometimes miss certain components.

”But the greatest shortcoming is on quality. It’s important to set up requirement specifications, i.e. the standard, for how they need the data delivered from the CRO so that they can reuse it in meta analyses,” he adds.

Offers Good Economic Terms
Today, I-Mind Consulting has 11 employees, but Mats and André would like to have 15-20 people working at the company. So, they’re actively searching for new employees.

”We’re especially in need of statisticians and statistical programmers with experience from the pharmaceutical industry,” states Mats Hindefelt.

Working at I-Mind Consulting means that you work quite independently towards the customer in a freedom based on trust approach.

”We want our employees to feel a joy on delivering results and to have fun at work. The working hours are flexible and there’s no need to stay fixed to our office in Lund. Apart from the occasional client and project meetings, there’s plenty of opportunity to work from home. We offer very good economic terms and all our employees are offered training and education to maintain and advance their expertise, so we can continue to deliver top-notch results in each project,” he concludes.