Fre 24 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

In the pharmaceutical giant’s trail

ImaGene-iT AB is a full-service CRO that performs discovery assignments and project support. ImaGene-iT provides complete imaging services that comprise solutions in the field of experimental imaging techniques, advanced microscopy and image data analysis to academic and industrial partners.

ImaGene-iT was founded in 2005 by Associate Professor Bo Holmqvist, President and Head of Discovery Projects. The company idea stems from experience in biomedical research and imaging tools, in experimental pathology and from the formation of Lund Bioimaging Center (LBIC) at Lund University.

A significant leap
ImaGene-iT has managed to take imaging to the next level by collaborating with key academic and industrial experts. Together with Professor Peter Ekström, today CEO and Head of Support and Education, and MSc tech. Anders Brinte, Head of IT and Marketing, Holmqvist has built a company with combined experience from scientific research, advanced digital tools and commercial know-how.
As the founders of today’s ImaGene-iT decided to set up base at Medicon Village, the former site of Astra Zeneca in Lund, they were also making sure to reap the benefits of the extensive knowledge and experience that remained in the pharmaceutical giant’s trail.
“By moving in to new premises in Medicon Village we were able to establish even stronger bonds to both academic and industrial customers and CRO partners”, says Bo Holmqvist.

Creating synergies
In the beginning, ImaGene-iT was mainly committed to support academic basic research. In time, the company started to focus on high competence services for different types of optical imaging, experimental imaging techniques and image data analysis.
”The core of high competence formed by our scientific research consultants ensures services with high quality while at the same time significantly providing increased value to our customers”, says Anders Brinte.
In recent years, projects with pre-clinical groups and with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies have opened new prospects. In parallel with the technical advances in experimental equipment and tools, biomedical studies of various diseases have required more imaging techniques for documentation and analysis.
“I think the fact that we combine academic and industrial assignments makes it possible to pursue new opportunities and obtain significant synergies. Scientific research and biomedical innovations are naturally connected, and we can provide a successful link”, says Peter Ekström.

”Quality first”
ImaGene-iT now performs full CRO imaging services in collaboration with both academic and industrial partners. The deliverables range from the setup and performance of complex research projects to the delivery of recommendations for the next steps to develop the product.
Being involved as early in the development process as possible is crucial; ImaGene-iT is actively involved during the entire development chain from discovery including performance of experiments, imaging and data analysis, evaluation and report, and can also provide in-house support as well as educational services. The company is looking to expand further under the motto “Quality first”.