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Innovative ventilation helps people make the most out of every day

Breas Medical helps people with chronic respiratory conditions make the most out of every day, at work, school and at home, thanks to a generous portfolio of tailored and completely mobile sleep, ventilation and airway clearance systems.

The very initiation of Breas stems from the technological interest of a patient who was prescribed a CPAP; a sleep ventilation system supporting the patient’s respiratory function at night, and a motivated engineer wishing to improve such systems. Three decades later, Breas provides innovative solutions for all respiratory conditions and needs from its global headoffice in Mölnlycke, Sweden.

Providing Comfort, Simplicity and Communication
The essence of Breas’ development process lies in a strong belief that patients’ needs should determine how the product is to be developed, how it works and integrates with the patients in their daily lives. The perfect ventilation system is that which goes unnoticed, which provides respiratory support in a way that feels as natural as possible. That is why all new home-care systems developed by Breas are small in size and mobile.
“Our core product vales are to provide Comfort, Simplicity and Communication, between people as well as human – machine communication. Our solutions are easy to install and use, both for patients and for care givers. As a medium-sized company we can move fast and we can tailor almost any product to that of a patient’s specific needs”, says Roger Nyström, Global Product Manager at Breas.
Breas was founded in Sweden but is a global player with sales channels all over the world. Most of the technology development and manufacturing activities are carried out in Sweden.
“Our business is strongly regulated and our products are CE-marked, complying with the regulatory requirements on the market. We always work to exceed expectations when it comes to quality, which also includes usability and safety”, explains Anne Mari Nedevska, Breas Quality Assurance Engineer.

An innovative workplace
When it comes to innovative care for patients with respiratory conditions, few can compete with Breas Medical. Over 30 years of experience has created an innovative culture that permeates the entire company. This also makes a strong impact on Breas as a workplace of innovation and continuous development.
“We have such high demands on our products that continuous improvement is a matter of pure survival for us. Breas is an exciting workplace because we work in the borderland between software development and integration, and with communication between man and machine. This is a challenge that really attracted me to join the team”, says Johanna Ortgren, Technical Product Manager.
The company vision at Breas is to provide “Innovation for better breathing and quality of life”, aiming to enable people with chronic respiratory conditions to live life to the fullest”. The fact that Breas helps to improve the quality of life for people with chronic respiratory diseases is most likely the strongest driving force for everyone who works at the company today.
“We develop, test, evaluate and manufacture products completely according to patient-specific needs. The patient is always in focus and it is rewarding to work for a company that has such values”, confirms Sebastian Mommers, Managing Director at Breas Sweden.