Tor 7 dec / År 41 / Nr 5 2023

Integrated drug discovery platform taking projects to the next level

The team at Red Glead Discovery in Lund has perfected the design and execution process of pre-clinical drug discovery. The company has successfully delivered drug discovery solutions to around 200 clients so far, where academics, biotech start-ups as well as Big Pharma companies are represented.

The integrated drug discovery platform developed and implemented by Red Glead Discovery is powered by high-value partnerships on all levels from discovery to validation. This provides the means to progress projects from target validation to lead optimisation and grants the client peace of mind in knowing that the team at Red Glead Discovery has all the necessary tools at hand.

Designing, making and analysing molecules
The core competence at Red Glead Discovery is related to the discovery and development of small molecules and peptides. Within any project, the team at Red Glead Discovery provides deep knowledge in organic and analytical chemistry, bio-chemistry and biotechnological platforms.
“In close collaboration with the client, we perform all essential activities needed to take their project to the next level. We design, make and analyse molecules, and identify those molecules with the highest chance to be turned into a drug that can be given to patients”, Red Glead Discovery EVP Martina Kvist Reimer explains.
To succeed, this effort requires the collaboration of a diverse team consisting of experts in analytical, organic and medicinal chemistry as well as biology, and importantly, access to specialised technological platforms which is the Red Glead Discovery forte.
“For example, successful fragment-based hit generation is enabled by the unique WAC (Weak affinity chromatography) technology, permitting screening for novel chemical starting points in a truly time- and cost-efficient manner”, says Martina Kvist Reimer.

Helping clients reach clinical phase and beyond
The very early stages of drug discovery profit the most of Red Glead Discovery’s integrated approach, but by virtue of its excellent analytical capabilities the company is sought-after partner for late-stage and manufacturing companies. Being part of the vibrant Medicon Valley Life science cluster of the Öresund region, the company can associate new partnerships tailored to new project preliminaries without delay.
This is only the beginning for Red Glead Discovery. The team stays committed to expand the company’s capacity to help clients reach the next phase of their project.
The company has 35 employees and has been nominated one of the fastest growing Life Sciences companies by the Swedish business journal Dagens Industri in 2019.