Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Invest in Market Validated Start-Ups

NY Consulting is specialised in life science and ICT and offers a range of productified consultancy services that facilitates business development and implementation for the benefit of start-ups and their investors.

Today, many small biotech companies to a large extent constitute the development pipeline of the big pharma companies. This is especially true in Sweden. There is a willingness among investors to invest in companies with a high risk. But, they need to know where, i.e. in which projects, to place their money for best results, both for themselves and the portfolio company they decide to invest in.
NY Consulting offers a range of consultancy products that facilitates a successful start-up – investor relation.
”We see an increased demand for qualified validation of early phase business projects. Our offer covers establishment of market potential, commercial due diligence, go-to-market strategy, as well as business development management and implementation. The products are developed based on the most common needs of our main clients – university innovation offices and investors. Each product has fixed deliverables, fixed price and fixed timeframe after agreed scoping. This makes our customers confident and reassured in relation to project results, cost and timings,” says NY Consulting’s CEO Johan Ny, who founded the company in 2013.
The firm focuses solely on customers with interest and investments within life science and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and is consulted by the leading research groups and portfolio companies from Scandinavian universities and venture capital funds.
”We use a validated user-centric project process based on scientific methodology that has been validated in more than 30 projects, and for each case our process improves,” he comments.

Cross-Öresund Focus Could Accelerate Growth
Last autumn, NY Consulting published their Öresund Investor Climate Report in which they, among other things, concluded that there are many pharma related Corporate Venture Capital funds interested in the regional companies, and they are actively seeking ways to build their pipeline through both acquisitions and syndication deals. However, there is a need for more cross-border coordination and collaboration, with a focus on market validation of early phase companies that will qualify them for later stage investment.
”Based on the input gathered in our survey, it seems that life science in Öresund is doing well and that the region has potential. However, a cross-Öresund focus on creating venues to promote the promising companies and clusters could do a lot to accelerate the growth of the Öresund region and improve the investor climate,” states Johan Ny.