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IOQB enables Telecom Service Providers and their Customers to both become winners

IOQB helps service providers within the Telecom industry to become smarter, more efficient and more profitable. Efficiency is everything and with the technological breakthroughs of today it is possible to become more efficient and at the same time cover important values like customer centricity and flexibility. In fact, both customer centricity and service towards end-customers can flourish just by becoming more efficient during the sales and ordering phase. IOQB strives to be different. Customer satisfaction and profitability get a new meaning when everyone strives to reach the same destination point.

Average and non-satisfactory business results are often due to high cost of sales, long sales cycles and lower closure rate, to name a few. At the core, some obstacles such as old-fashioned IT and management tools, unnecessary complex solutions and inefficient (traditional) sales readiness and operations processes inhibit positive growth. IOQB offers professional guidance and tools for Telecom service providers to re-direct their B2B business strategies, turning strategy into profit.

Increasing sales efficiency is the key
IOQB’s consultants possess a wealth of knowledge built up by many years of experience in the telecom industry from both business and IT-perspective. With hands-on experience, the team knows how to develop the very best solutions to maximize the success of any project focusing on increasing sales efficiency.
“With our extensive knowledge and well-established background in sales methodology, we can manage the entire process from the design of an appropriate strategy to implementation. We support our customers to get the best conditions in place, to run their daily sales operations smoothly with improved effect. Customers can with a much more efficient organization tie profitable contracts and at the same time, end-customers feel that their needs are met. This is clearly a win-win-situation. Thanks to our experience, we know which is the realistic approach to take in order to succeed with such a transformational journey”, Milan Petrovic, founder and CEO of IOQB explains.
Milan Petrovic has worked in over 100 projects on-site in over 50 countries and has accordingly collected a vast experience of different cultures. He is a typical “doer” with practical experience from strategy to implementation and execution. After working with the entire value chain in the telecom sector, including over 12 years on an international basis, Petrovic knows how to deliver long-lasting, sustainable results.

Revenue-based sales operations to become profit-oriented operations
Turning revenue-based sales into profit-oriented sales is the overall mission of all IOQB’s customer projects. In order to realize the mission, IOQB introduces new ways of thinking into the Telecom sector, the CRM domain (CRM=Customer Relationship Management) and the sales processes. Using an in-house designed Bid Management Tool (BMT) and consulting services, IOQB provides the client’s B2B Sales & Marketing organization with a more flexible, reliable and faster way of offering propositions. Thus, significantly shortening the time it takes to launch a new market proposition, present it to the potential client and close a deal.
The BMT is an innovative business centric digital framework developed for Telecom & Communication Connectivity/Service Providers. By implementing the BMT, which comes with a line of related services, profitability and sales increase. Customer satisfaction comes as a bonus.

Some 200 potential Telecom service provider clients globally
IOQB operates primarily on the European market. The company is looking to extend its activities to cover other parts of the world, starting with the Middle East. “There are some 900 Telecom service providers on the global market today, all of them our potential clients in the long run. At least 200 of these service providers have a significant need of our services in order to become more competitive in B2B and to create a stronger focus on flexibility to custom solutions while maximizing profitability in a controlled way”.
“We are currently conducting a lively dialogue with potential clients, and our system, the BMT, has been implemented and proven successful in practice. We are confident that our solution will make a difference both for our customers and their end-customers, Milan Petrovic concludes.