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IP attorneys Hansson Thyresson likely to expand

Practically all Life Science companies, from pharmaceutical drug developers to medical technology innovators, possess and handle very sensitive and valuable materials. For example, a pharmaceutical company’s substance could very well be valued in millions of euros. Research processes, substances, samples and findings are all part of the valuable Intellectual Property of a company, and thus require adequate protection.

The Intellectual Property-oriented law firm Hansson Thyresson Patentbyrå AB is a complete partner for companies in Life Science. The client base is primarily made up by small to medium-sized enterprises, start-up companies, researchers and innovators. All in need of a competent partner looking over all legal aspects and ensuring that patents and IP protection is in order.

Protecting innovations
Hansson Thyresson handles all aspects of patents, trademarks, designs, trading names and copyrights and is a member of the Association of Patent Law Firms in Sweden.
“IP legislation is a very complex area that is continuously changing. It is important to keep track of what others are doing and to be responsive to change. We offer full control over the key aspects of IP so that our clients can spend their time doing what they do best, i.e. developing their product or solution. We manage the legal aspect of things and make sure that innovations are properly protected”, says Lars Thyresson, CEO, co-founder and Partner of Hansson Thyresson Patentbyrå AB.

A location with great prospects
Hansson Thyresson is headquartered in Malmö with a branch specifically dedicated to Life Science companies in Medicon Village in Lund.
“Setting up business in Medicon Village was a strategic move on our part in order to operate closer to Life Science-oriented businesses”, Lars Thyresson comments.
Medicon Village offers a great collaboration platform for industry, academia and research. The aim is to become one of Northern Europe’s most creative environments for both business and innovation. Some 700 to 800 people are currently working in Medicon Village, which is ideally an environment characterized by many successful scientists and new inventions.
“With its proximity to Ideon Science Park, as well as a business incubator and Lund University, Medicon Village offers great prospects for almost any Life Science-oriented company”.

New ambition for growth
Hansson Thyresson Patentbyrå AB was established by Anders Hansson and Lars Thyresson in 1994.
In conjunction with the company’s 20th anniversary next year, a new ambition for future growth has been adopted for the next five years. Today, the firm has eight dedicated and highly experienced employees; the goal is to expand with another four to five persons within five years.
The company’s previous experience from the Life Sciences, with particular focus on medical technology, can be advantageously developed into other technology-oriented branches such as for example nanotechnology, which is already an expanding niche in Lund.

Offers development opportunities
Lars Thyresson is proud of the firm’s concept with a strong focus on trust. Mutual trust and long-term relationships are important to everyone working with IP and patents.
Hansson Thyresson also offers a great environment for its employees to grow with good development opportunities.
For the right person, there are even prospects of becoming a partner in ownership. Anders Hansson and Lars Thyresson are still the majority owners but over the years two new partners have emerged.