Sön 21 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

IRW – Full-service clinical research organisation expands in Scandinavia

In a fast-moving and continuously expanding pharmaceutical industry, the need for efficient and well-documented clinical trials is evident. A Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) is a service organisation dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, offering value-added services to promote the research and development process in each field. The Nordic CRO IRW manages clinical trials from start to finish and can also act as a fully-integrated part of a client’s study team, depending on the client’s need.

IRW is a full-service Clinical Research Organisation founded in 1999 by Ingela Wiking. During the last 14 years, IRW has successfully set up local offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark; today offering a broad range of comprehensive services to companies and institutions operating over both geographical and scientific borders.

Managing projects from start to finish
The IRW team is dedicated and professional representing a wide range of academic competence, possessing solid experience of areas such as Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, Data Management, Biostatistics and Medical Writing. “A substantial part of the members of our team originate from global pharmaceutical and biotech companies”, CEO Ingela Wiking explains.
“We also have great insight and experience of working with the regulatory authorities in the Nordic countries. This, in combination with our well-established competence of clinical research, enables us to manage projects from start to finish, or function as a fully-integrated part of our client’s team”.

Tailored Services
IRW offers management of phase I-IV pharmaceutical trials, covering projects ranging from single centre to multinational large-scale trials. IRW has the resources and knowledge necessary to continuously monitor the safety of pharmaceutical drugs all through the clinical development and further on to post-authorisation. As a full-service CRO, IRW also offers Data Management, Biostatistics and Pharmacovigilance according to client specification.
“We offer services fully tailored to the comprehensive needs of our clients. We can deliver a complete solution – or standalone services covering a certain aspect of our client’s business depending on what is expected and the goal set by the client”.

Recent growth
Almost fifteen years of experience in the field of clinical trials has enabled IRW to build up an extensive network reaching from Scandinavia and Europe and over to the USA.
“Our clients range from small start-up companies to multinational pharmaceutical corporations. We are able to meet the high demands of our clients and maintain projects efficiently, and we can bridge a temporary shortage of experienced staff and secure temporary management, if needed. We have secured stable growth during the last three years, large parts of the success is due to efficient and strategic planning”, says Ingela Wiking.
IRW has expanded over the past years; the organisation is now managed by CEO Ingela Wiking and two vice Presidents. Mr Ola Jeppsson is responsible for the Swedish and Finnish markets and Mrs Jette Schmidt Pedersen for the Norwegian and Danish market segments.