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It’s All About Trust!

Through their deep knowledge and extensive experience from the industry, Dfind Science & Engineering is a trusted partner in recruitment and lease of scientists and engineers to many life science companies.

Dfind Science & Engineering specialises on recruitment and lease of scientists and engineers, with a strong commitment to its business areas, customers and consultants. By finding the right match between their customers and candidates, Dfind helps companies become more successful and to grow, while supporting people in their search for a new rewarding career position in line with their ambitions and dreams.
One of the key aspects of establishing successful, rewarding and profitable partnerships is trust. And trust runs like oxygen through Dfind’s organisation, vitalising all parts of Dfind’s business.
”Our customers’ trust in us is earned through our deep knowledge and extensive experience from the industry. And the fact that we keep what we promise, are open and honest, and communicate in a straightforward way make us credible. It applies to our customers, as well as our consultants and candidates,” says Karin Christiansson, Consultant Manager at Dfind Science & Engineering in Malmö, who has graduated in Biomedicine and worked in different Ideon companies before joining Dfind.
”Here, my curiosity gets much scope and I can make use of my ability of creating a good collaborative environment between different parties, in an industry where I have both qualified education and experience,” she adds.

Attentiveness Ensures Effectiveness
Knowing that details are of fundamental importance to establish a good match Dfind puts a lot of effort in getting to know their customers and candidates in order to get a good picture of their current situation and where they’re striving at.
”Our attentiveness ensures effectiveness. By basing our offering on our customers’ real needs we maintain credibility and trust from them. It also helps that we strive for perfection and often exceed expectations,” she says with a smile.
Through their knowledge and experience, Dfind sometimes challenge their customers who search for a certain profile by suggesting a candidate with complementary competences relevant to their upcoming needs.
”When someone has left an organisation, the best solution isn’t always to find another person with exactly the same qualifications,” Karin Christiansson comments.
Having achieved a good match is the most rewarding part of her job. The customer is happy, the candidate is happy and Dfind is actively part of their customer’s progress and success.
”I feel privileged to work in a company that shapes the world of work and contributes to all the interesting technology being developed by our customers to enhance people’s lives, not least in the life sciences. And we would never have been here without their trust.”