Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Jag Patient AB

Jag Patient (I Patient) creates and manages databases that combine unidentified, patient-centred, real-time data, combined with patient-entered values, to help patients, carers and healthcare professionals better understand disease from a patient perspective. The company has offices in Stokholm, and in Medicon Village in Lund.

Jag Patient, formed in September 2015, was inspired by the PatientsLikeMe network in the US and Patients Know Best patient portal in the UK. Its goal is to create a place where patients can get better insights into their own conditions. Improving secure access to patient information can improve communication between patients, health-care providers, industry and other stakeholders.
”Our aim is to become the leading e-health provider in the Nordic countries within 5 years, through novel and innovative technology, said Jerker Ringström, founder and managing director, Jag Patient. ”We believe our share of the market could be worth up to SEK2 billion by 2025.”

Pulling together the data
The Jag Patient cloud-based interactive database is based on unidentified real-time patient data that is collated from a variety of sources, including patients’ electronic and paper medical records, data from relatives, data from wearables, and research and epidemiology information. Patients can also add in their own data, including quality of life information and any missing results. Jag Patient analyses the data and creates reports from the database for patients and relatives, patient associations, healthcare professionals, researchers and biotech and pharma companies.
”Patients want to see their data in the context of others, and Jag Patient make this clear and accessible,” said Ringström. ”They can also connect up with one another, which still keeping their data secure and anonymous.”
Patients can use the database to ask questions such as ”how many patients of my age and gender are using the same medicine as me, and what adverse events have they experienced?” or ”given my background and treatment, what is my prognosis?” Jag Patient uses artificial intelligence to collate and analyse the data, creating a graphical output that shows the associations between different parameters, for example treatments and quality of life.
”By providing access to continuously updated healthcare and rehabilitation data, including the patient’s perspective, digital health tools help patients to take an active role in their own disease management and recuperation,” said Ringström.
Access to data is important to people other than patients too. Relatives and carers can use the data to support decision-making and provide technical support for younger or older patients; healthcare providers can use the information to support communication with patients; and researchers in academia and industry can find information that wouldn’t necessarily be revealed in clinical trials.

Looking to the future
The company has applied for SEK3.6 million in funding, and by the end of this year, Ringström plans to have validated and confirmed Jag Patient’s commercial proof of concept.
”In 2019 and 2020, we will finalize the technical part of the platform, and then by 2021 we plan to have between three and five integrated data platforms, including patient-generated data covering different cancer indications,” said Ringström.
The aim for the company is to break even five years after platform launch, with an initial public offering planned after five or six years.