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LifeAssays offers a complete solution for point-of-care analysis

It is commonly known that early detection of diseases may well be the difference between life and death. Swedish diagnostic company LifeAssays has developed an advanced but yet easy to use point-of-care system for detecting diseases in both animals and humans. The company’s products are widely used among veterinarians across the Nordic countries and now entering Europe as well as other parts of the world.

After many years of research and development at Lund University, the research-oriented spin-off company LifeAssays was established in the year 2000. The company’s mission is to help both animals and humans live longer by providing sophisticated diagnostic tools.

An alternative CRP measurement tool
LifeAssays was established in order to further develop the patented technology originally developed by university researchers. The final product, a point-of-care system for obtaining quick and accurate diagnosis, is used to detect diseases in both animals and humans by measuring protein activity using magnetism.
Clinically interesting markers in biological samples – starting with the introduction of Canine and Human CRP and high sensitive CRP, are measured by the system provided by LifeAssays.
“We have developed the technology in-house based on almost ten years of research. The first application was successfully introduced in veterinary care in 2008. Over the past five years, we have refined the technology which is now ready for further development within human care, which will be an interesting venture for a future partner”, says CEO Anders Ingvarsson.

Fantastic opportunities in veterinary diagnostics
The system is currently used to diagnose diseases in animals, with different applications for different animals. The LifeAssays VetReader offers veterinary practitioners a quick and safe way to generate results of the same quality in their own practice, as they would have gotten if they sent the samples to larger service laboratories. The difference being that the result is available in 15 minutes and can guide the veterinarian in their treatment decision when the pet is still by their side.
The LifeAssay System is also being tested and verified at community healthcare centers and by primary physicians. However, as Anders Ingvarsson points out, the goal of LifeAssays is to expand within human diagnostics through a strong partner.
”We offer a unique, accurate and safe technology platform for early disease detection that can be further developed by the right partner to large-scale application within human care”.
The market of human diagnostics is valued at around 45 billion dollars. The veterinary market within diagnostics, on the other hand, is valued at approximately 1.5 billion dollars. Although it is a much smaller market, it is less regulated and not dependent of long sales cycles where winning public tenders is needed to enter the market. LifeAssays has already come a long way in establishing the company as a supplier of veterinary diagnostic systems for near patient testing and will focus its efforts to strengthen this position. 
“Needless to say, the veterinary market is big enough for us to generate a healthy growth for the company. For a partner, the market for human diagnostics offers fantastic opportunities to be explored using our technology”, Anders Ingvarsson underlines.

Based on Swedish research
LifeAssays is headquartered at the Ideon Science Park in Lund. With close proximity to many other technology-intensive companies, many of which also actively pursuing the Life Science-field, LifeAssays is able to quickly make contact with potential partners. The company’s existing contact network is extremely important for further expansion.
The innovation behind the LifeAssays systems is yet another example of Swedish research expertise made into successful applications within Life Science.