Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

LifePod Prioritises the Right Patients

Cross Technology Solutions has developed a platform that connects patients with healthcare providers to identify the patients with the greatest needs and ensure that they get the right treatment when they need it best.

”How do we evolve the healthcare system while keeping the patients’ needs and priorities at the forefront?” The rhetorical question is asked by Thomas Bergqwist, Co-founder and CEO of Cross Technology Solutions AB in Lund.
His business idea is to drive the treatment of patients with chronic and multiple diseases from being calendar-based to being based on each patient’s current medical needs. For ten years, the company he co-founded has been working on its patented e-health platform to accomplish this mission.
It’s an open, cloud-based, application programming interface (API) platform that prioritises treatment for those in most need. It collects data from medical records, sensors and from the connected patients who use an application on their smart phones, tablets or pc/mac to report important parameters to the clinics. The action data generated from theses multiple sources is facilitated, prioritised and visualised in one interface used by the healthcare professionals.
”LifePod, as we call it, is both a decision support system for healthcare professionals at the clinics and a tool for patients to report their current health status to the clinics. Apart from the most basic data such as health condition, pulse, blood pressure, waist circumference and physical activity other more unique and special data coupled to the patient’s chronic condition is collected,” he explains further.

Makes the Patient Feel Acknowledged and Safe
The data is compiled, cleaned and structured before it’s interpreted by algorithms and presented to the healthcare professionals in a user-friendly interface. The patient with the greatest medical needs is automatically moved to the top of the priority list. The patient receives a confirmation notice when the healthcare provider reviews patients’ parameters.
”Reporting back to the patient is very important to make the patient feel acknowledged and safe,” states Thomas Bergqwist.
Studies on patients at the university hospitals in Malmö, Lund and Umeå have shown that the platform successfully identifies deviating values among connected patients who’ve had myocardial infarction and that it’s led to medical interventions to prevent their problems from escalating.
”It proves that we can move from calendar-based to needs-based healthcare, which is a huge gain for both patients and healthcare providers in terms of quality of life as well as time- and cost-savings.”
More money has recently been invested in Cross Technology Solutions and the company is now ready to launch LifePod on the market in earnest.
”We recently received a SEK 5 million investment from our biggest shareholder, Dendera Venture, and aim to launch a rights issue of SEK 40-50 million this summer.”