Tis 5 jul / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Logistics 2.0, good service made even better

Logistics, warehousing, special transport and of course 24-7 service is what shipping companies and crews can expect from Vald. Anderson’s Logistics in Gothenburg. The company is part of the Sirius Group, and organised under the renowned Vald. Anderson’s Shipagency.

The team at Vald. Anderson’s Logistics, for now consisting of Lisa Backman and Christofer Mattiasson, understands the shipping industry’s day to day challenges. Time in port is short and must be as efficient as possible.
“All shipping companies are looking for a partner in logistics who can truly understand the nature of the business and provide problem-solving around the clock. This is what we are, a partner at quayside, providing transporting and warehousing solutions all hours”, says Lisa Backman.

Problem-solving guaranteed
But how can problem-solving be guaranteed in a business as dynamic as shipping?
“Our job is not done until the goods are on board our customer’s vessel. We have the necessary shipping experience that other land-based transport companies lack, we understand that delivery must fit with the vessel’s call at port, even if it arrives a day earlier than expected”, Christofer Mattiasson underlines.

Logistics 2.0 – an upgrade
It sounds like a massive upgrade of traditional logistics services, or Logistics 2.0, if you like.
“That is true. We are proud to present this new service to our existing clients, as well as to new clients in the future. Above all, I think that this service can be somewhat crucial when selecting shipping agency – thus making Vald. Anderson the first choice”, Lisa Backman adds.