Mån 4 dec / År 41 / Nr 5 2023

Long and solid competence at Shorelink

With activities in Sweden’s four northern ports, namely Skellefteå, Luleå, Piteå and Kalix, Shorelink enables for smooth and efficient logistics across Norrbotten and Västerbotten. Shorelink takes care of all key services; from ship clearance to transshipment of goods to land-based transport, and when required efficient storage as well.

Shorelink is an important resource ensuring an efficient flow of goods through the port. When ships call at port, an efficient service is much sought-after, as it contributes to as short a call as possible. The port call time is among the most expensive activities for the shipowner. With its own expertise and equipment, Shorelink empowers efficient port calls in Skellefteå, Luleå, Piteå and Kalix.

Long experience in wind power
In Piteå, exciting things are happening right now. The harbour is in the middle of an all-time high, not at all strange in the light of the fact that all wind turbines that will be delivered to Markbygden are to arrive through Piteå. All clearance, handling, storage and transportation are coordinated by Shorelink.
So far, Shorelink has already handled several hundreds of dismantled wind power turbines, and placed the wings in neat rows over virtually the entire quay. It is an impressive sight, and one wonders how it is possible to handle so many gears in the short time Shorelink has.
“We already have long experience of handling wind power turbines, as we have loaded and unloaded several hundred in both Skellefteå and Piteå over the years. However, no project is as extensive as Markbygden. This will be Europe’s largest land-based wind power farm and this places completely different demands on us than any project has done previously”, says Shorelink CEO Susanne Jangdal.

What happens next?
The project Markbygden demands large resources, both in terms of storage areas and transports. At the same time, ordinary activities must continue, with handling of other types of goods that vary depending on port location. For Piteå, it is mostly forest and paper products, and here too there is an increase as the large forest and paper mills are currently investing in the region.
Shorelink’s largest project so far is the management of 80 wind turbines that arrived at the port in Piteå during the summer of 2018. As early as February 2018, approximately 50 people were employed to meet the challenge, and now Shorelink is well equipped with capacity and competence for future stages of both Markbygden and new wind projects most likely planned to the region.
“We live under high pressure and have to strengthen our organisation to meet this challenge. At the same time, we must be adapted to run smooth even after the project Markbygden has been completed. Growing uncontrollably is not for us, but we will invest to preserve and develop our expertise in all areas”, says Susanne Jangdal.

Important for the industry
It is not only in Piteå that Shorelink needs to charge in order to meet the future.
“For the shipping industry at large, it is especially important that we develop and secure the competence of ship agents, since they mean a lot for a fast, efficient and qualitative call at port”, Susanne Jangdal explains. “We have already recruited several new agents to our operations in Luleå and Skellefteå, where the new employees have been integrated quickly thanks to our long and solid competence”.
Shorelink has been carrying out ship clearance since 1889 and is proud to be able to transfer this rich expertise to new employees. This may also be of interest to existing and new partners who might, like Shorelink, turn up at the Donsö Shipping Meet this year.
“We will use this opportunity to establish contacts and meet customers and partners. We believe that Donsö Shipping Meet is an excellent opportunity to meet others in the same and related industries”, Susanne Jangdal concludes.