Tor 23 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Lund’s new district of sustainable urban development

The 180,000 m2 area between the European Spallation Source (ESS) and the new MAX IV in Lund is being developed into a village full to the brim of innovation and new business opportunities. Here, in the future Science Village Scandinavia, there will be a unique meeting point for commercial and academic interests.

The vision is to create synergies between the industrial and academic spheres that will in turn bring Lund to the top among the world’s prime clusters in life science as well as material science. Both ESS and the synchrotron MAX IV have made the Oresund region highly visible around the world, above all highlighting Lund as birthplace of the next generation scientific development.

Creating meeting points
The future Science Village Scandinavia is an initiation of a three-party collaboration between Lund University, City of Lund and Region Skåne. Goals are set high as a new creative environment is formed with intentions of producing a world-class platform for future developments and innovations in science.
“Science Village Scandinavia is going to provide supporting services to both ESS and MAX IV. We have over 250,000 m2 development space, and we are currently developing the first 50,000 at the heart of the new science village”, CEO Ulrika Lindmark reveals.
Easily accessed at the center of the village, residential facilities intended for the researchers, as well as other supporting functions such as food courts, green spaces and recreation areas are being developed at the initial stage.
Ulrika Lindmark explains that future stages of the development include common laboratories and storage facilities for biological samples, among other things. The main goal is however to create meeting points for the people who will work and reside in close vicinity to the ESS and MAX IV.

Making the most of ESS and MAX IV
Science Village Scandinavia will be a pioneer in sustainable urban development and a source of inspiration through its connection to science, technology and innovation. The vision and goal is to create a city district with focus on science, renewable energy, public transports and recycling as well as a stimulating green urban environment providing excellent facilities for future innovations to be developed in.
One of the subsequent goals is to develop one of the leading centers in the world for research and technology transfer, in close relation with today’s societal needs for better and more efficient materials. But the village will also be home to new research and innovations in the life sciences.
The intention is to attract researchers from some of the world’s best universities and research institutions. Industrial players make up another important target group. Knowledge and experience from both worlds must be combined in order to create a competitive environment, making the most out of the investments in ESS and MAX IV.