Lör 27 nov / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

Making a difference in modern healthcare

Continuously growing numbers of multi-resistant bacteria form a massive threat in healthcare worldwide. The over-consumption of antibiotics births a new endemic disease where bacteria grows uncontrollably, causing infections that are hard to treat. ABIGO Medical addressed this challenge over 20 years ago by introducing a revolutionary wound dressing, Sorbact®, which evolved into an entire family of products for advanced and effective wound care.

Brothers and entrepreneurs Jan G. Smith and Leif Smith brought some of the world’s most efficient and reliable products in wound care to market. When they founded ABIGO their minds were set on creating something new and revolutionary in healthcare.
“The main goal was not to build something that would generate enormous amounts of revenue, but rather to make a difference in modern healthcare. From the very beginning, my brother Leif and I worked hard to establish a new way of thinking in terms of business, and we stay true to that as ABIGO continues to grow”, says Jan G. Smith.
“Our business model is based on long-term goals and achievements that actually create more value for patients as well as the healthcare system”, Jan G. Smith continues. “In order to be the best, we must have the best expertise. We can only attract the very best expertise if we can offer an attractive and inspiring place to work. People want to make a difference, and we give them the opportunity to do that. We have successfully created a company culture where we see each individual and reward hard work”.

Making Sorbact the given choice
The company culture and the business approach make ABIGO stand out. So does the products, which range from off-the-shelf and prescription pharmaceuticals for treating various diseases to advanced medical technology products in wound care and ear, nose and throat (ENT).
The unique and patented wound care products within the Sorbact family improve healing times and bind bacteria without the risks of developing resistance to antibiotics. The entire product line, which consists of 13 different products, is based on a unique mechanism called Sorbact technology. The product range is now available in 65 countries, and the aim is to make Sorbact® the given choice within healthcare worldwide.
Sorbact® is a state of the art innovation completely independent of antibiotics. The philosophy is to remove bacteria without the release of chemicals, not actually killing bacteria but effectively removing them from the infected area. Sorbact® interacts with bacteria in a completely different way to antibiotics, therefore no resistance can be developed.

Addressing new areas of care
Being able to treat wounds and infections effectively without the use of antibiotics is an important step in order to overcome the accelerating problem with multi-resistant bacteria. ABIGO is already one of the leading international companies in the field, but there is more to be done.
“Based on the Sorbact® technology, we are planning for further introductions of new, innovative solutions in the antimicrobial field in the upcoming years”, reveals Jan G. Smith.
“There are no similar solutions available on the market today, despite the critical need. It is therefore our duty to ensure that the Sorbact® technology is developed further addressing new areas of care”.