Lör 22 jun / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Making it easier for people to work, study and live in the Oresund region

Øresunddirekt is a collaborative information arena for both citizens and businesses operating in the Oresund region of Sweden and Denmark. The geographical distance across the strait is minimal, but the operational distance may be perceived as a bit longer if the right information has not been put across.

The aim of Øresunddirekt is to bridge the gap between citizens, businesses and authorities on both side of the Oresund strait. This is done by providing an accessible platform for information gathering, sharing and updating. Øresunddirekt is ideally an arena or virtual meeting point, where professionals and companies can obtain information crucial to them in order to expand in Sweden and Denmark.

Information platform for all
Øresunddirekt has been established to make it easier for people to work, study and live in the Oresund region. There is already a large number of people commuting to and from Denmark from Sweden and vice versa, but there are yet more to come.
Øresunddirekt is not just a resource for professionals, but for businesses as well. The key activities include supporting information in setting up a new business, information regarding employment and recruiting professionals across country boundaries, and marketing activities supporting local Oresund collaborations.
Øresunddirekt is essentially an information platform for all businesses and industries. Considering the large number of life science companies in the Oresund region, it is essential to have a good and solid guide in place for them.
“In the life science industry, translational teams are often required, and they are more often than not found somewhere across the strait. To make their journey across as smooth as possible, we are here to provide the contacts and information they need to set up both home and business on either side of the strait”, explains Sandra Forsén, Head of Office at Øresunddirekt in Malmö, Sweden.

Alert, available and visible
Companies and professionals are able to ask questions to experts online, or on site at the office in Malmö where a number of Øresunddirekt employees from different authorities are able to answer questions daily. If the question is more specific, Øresunddirekt offer meetings once a week where they gather Danish and Swedish business advisors and authorities. For example, representatives from the Swedish tax office, who are available for meetings on site.
Other common activities include meetings about attracting and recruiting staff. The need to fill a competence shortage is becoming more and more evident throughout the Swedish industry, and the life science sector is not excluded from this challenge.
“We have to work even more proactive, creating more opportunities on both sides of the strait, if we are to maintain a healthy industry here. This is what we have planned for the future – to become more alert, more available and more visible”, Sandra Forsén concludes.