Sön 21 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Making the Maker’s List time after time

Powerhouse is a global distributor of marine and industrial engines and generators. Although the company has no production facilities of its own, it is still deeply involved in the development and manufacture of advanced, fuel-efficient engines from leading brands Volvo Penta and Mitsubishi.

The combination of Japanese lean production combined with Swedish engineering and know-how creates a most competitive advantage for Powerhouse. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Powerhouse operates close to leading ship owners of the West Coast area, many of them being long-term partners in both newbuildings and repairs.
“Our aim is to serve as wide a market as possible, and thus we work with engines running on various fuels, also being at the forefront when it comes to LNG-fueled alternatives”, says Powerhouse Managing Director Anders Bernhardsson.

On the Maker’s List
Powerhouse is a suitable name for what the business stands for and delivers. Offering both marine and industrial power solutions, Powerhouse aims at the global market with a broad product portfolio. When it comes to marine applications, Powerhouse is equipped to meet almost all needs – from the smallest coast rig to large passenger and cargo vessels.
“We prefer to be on the Maker’s List from the very beginning. In newbuilding projects, it is essential to be a part of the design phase, enabling for a tailored power solution from the very beginning. This is not just ideal for us; it is better for ship owners and ship builders as well. It saves time and resources when getting it right the first time around”, Anders Bernhardsson explains.
Powerhouse is making the Maker’s List time after time. “This is due to our OEM products, and our brands Volvo Penta and Mitsubishi being characterised by the renowned “Safety First” philosophy, reliability and superior quality. We are able to guarantee a dependable and reliable power solution over time, where we provide all necessary services along the way”.
It is in the ship owners’ greatest interest that service intervals are as long as possible, meaning down-time is at minimum. Powerhouse is one of few distributors able to guarantee this.
“We provide strong pre-sales, sales and technical support, both directly to commercial users and to our suppliers’ dedicated dealer network with the ability to add global local support, commissioning and warranty services”, adds Anders Bernhardsson.

Partner in global power solutions
Regardless where all future advanced aspects of shipbuilding and -design gets concentrated, such as for instance machinery and computer aided hybrid solutions, Powerhouse will remain a global and reliable leader for supply of marine auxiliary power packages.
“We have proven that we are able to move with the times on several occasions. When ships are built in China, as today, we make sure to deliver our solutions and our support to Chinese ship builders. We believe in strong collaboration regardless of where the ships are built, we send our own technicians to monitor the installations and we offer our expertise during the entire ship building process”, Anders Bernhardsson states.
Powerhouse will continue to be a partner in global power solutions for decades to come.