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Malmö’s favourable prerequisites to benefit national Life Science cluster

Swedish innovations are often at the core of global development. This applies to various segments, not least the expanding sphere of Life Science. By forming stronger partnerships, Swedish science parks aim to strengthen the national innovation cluster. The Life Science-oriented science parks in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö are three very important nodes in the Swedish innovation system.

Stronger bonds are being forged between Medeon Science Park in Malmö and the Stockholm-based Karolinska Institutet Science Park and Sahlgrenska Science Park in Gothenburg respectively. The long-term aim is to strengthen the entire Life Science-cluster in Sweden, while at the same time influencing other science park environments to collaborate across geographical and disciplinal borders.

Similar challenges
Medeon Science Park, Karolinska Institutet Science Park and Sahlgrenska Science Park form a significant part of the non-profit organisation Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP).
As Life Science-oriented environments with a strong emphasis on research, the three parks face similar challenges. But there are also tremendous opportunities, not least in terms of opportunities to conduct clinical trials and performing larger projects in unison. Other opportunities are revolving around for example key expertise, where researchers and innovators can move freely between the different environments in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg.
“Our task is to ensure that researchers and innovators have all the necessary support to develop and commercialise their ideas. In order to do this successfully, we must have a functioning infrastructure on a national and eventually an international level. This is exactly what we are creating now, together with our colleagues in Stockholm and Gothenburg”, says Medeon Science Park Managing Director Bengt Lövdén.
“Ideally, what we are doing is taking collaboration to the next level. Together we can compete on a global scale”, he continues.

Favourable prerequisites
Medeon’s prerequisites are most favourable, much thanks to long experience and target expertise in Life Science, but also thanks to its geographical location close to the continent. Naturally, this grants great advantages for a growing industry. Malmö is also a part of Medicon Valley which encompasses the entire Øresund region with prominent Swedish and Danish Life Science stakeholders.
“We already have a well-established tradition of collaboration in our regions, and we now want to apply this to a much broader perspective through collaborations with both Stockholm and Gothenburg”, Bengt Lövdén underlines.
This certainly gives us a whole different picture of Malmö than the one that still existed in the early 1990s when Malmö was a purely industrial city. Ergo, Malmö has made a most adventurous and thrilling journey – going from a traditional and industrial city to today’s knowledge-intensive community, not least within the ever-expanding Life Science field.

Communicating success
The positive developments are widely communicated through different channels. “Medeondagen” (The Medeon Day) is a yearly seminar organised at Medeon Science Park in the spring in collaboration with Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC), diabetes research, and treatment being the main focus.
The event is also an important part of the foundation for future collaboration with Karolinska Institutet Science Park and Sahlgrenska Science Park. The reasons are evident; Medeon is able to share world-leading research at Clinical Research Center (CRC) in Malmö. The demographic situation in Malmö also provides for high risk of developing diabetes in the “new population”, thus providing a large amount of different samples for further research. The cultural width also provides an excellent basis for research.
All these factors stimulate the establishment of new companies, as well as motivation for existing companies to stay and expand in Malmö. In the long run, a stronger knowledge-base in the field of diabetes will contribute to Malmö’s public health profile.

Exciting developments in the near future
Bengt Lövdén concludes by pointing out the impressive growth opportunities of Medeon, as the municipality of Malmö has dedicated over 100 000 m2 towards this expansion.
“Medeon will unquestionably play an important role in the forming of the future medical Malmö. The science park will be integrated with Skåne University Hospital and more companies will be able to take advantage of the collaborative environment that we offer. We look forward to some very exciting developments in the near future”.