Ons 6 jul / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Maritime law is the basis of modern business law

There is no exaggeration in saying that Morris Law renews the entire prospect of business law, both on land and at sea. Co-founder and lawyer Jörgen Sköld explains why.

“The need for risk sharing, harmonization of sales agreements, transport agreements, customs, insurance and related issues arose as soon as we started shipping goods. Of course, all that needed to be regulated, so it is no coincidence that many of the large business law firms were founded with maritime law as a specialty. I usually argue that it was the trade at sea that was the basis, or at least one of the major contributors, of modern law”, says Jörgen Sköld, one of the founders of Morris Law and a very experienced lawyer with maritime law as his specialty.

Renews business law
Morris Law is a dedicated partner in business law, where shipping and logistics in general is a big part.
“Today it is not our interest to limit the terminology to shipping, it is more about transport, both on air, land and at sea”.
And it might as well be about financing, disputes or real estate transactions. “All require deep excellence and an ability to see the whole picture”, says Jörgen Sköld, and continues; “Therefore, it was obvious when we founded Morris Law that we should grow into a full-service law firm where we take advantage of each other’s expertise to best help our clients no matter the line of business”.
In the founding of Morris Law, all partners were convinced that not only would it be a full-service law firm to stand out in the crowd, but also one to renew business law. “We simply wanted to make it more comprehensible and user-friendly”, Jörgen explains..

Most modern agency
Since day one, Morris Law has strived to be different. As in being more modern and more human, but never at the expense of efficiency and professionalism. “This has been and still remains important to us, whether it is about how we organise our offices or whom we employ”.
And just like Jörgen indicates; it seems that Morris Law have done a great deal of good. “After five years we are now more than 60 employees with offices both in Gothenburg and Stockholm, and we have twice, by our customers, been appointed the country’s most modern agency in business law”.
“We have set standards for how we intend to continue, looking forward to welcoming more clients to our helm of expertise”, Jörgen Sköld concludes.