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Medicon Valley – collaborating regionally to compete globally

Medicon Valley, the bi-national life science cluster spanning the island of Zealand in Eastern Denmark and the Skåne-region of Southern Sweden, is one of Europe’s most vibrant life science clusters with a large number of life science companies (pharma, biotech and medico) as well as research institutions located within a very small geographical area. The cluster is connected by the Oresund Bridge which makes commuting between Denmark and Sweden an easy everyday task.

Medicon Valley Alliance exists to make Medicon Valley an attractive destination for the best talent within life science. Our 250 members, who together employ approximately 140,000 people, represent the region’s triple helix and include universities, hospitals, human life science businesses, regional governments and service providers.
Life science companies in Medicon Valley all act in a global market. If their presence in Medicon Valley, both corporate R&D and production, is to be maintained in the years to come, the local scientific environments must be able to attract the world’s best students and scientists. The local universities must provide an internationally competitive research and teaching environment that interacts with the private companies in a way that secures the best individual opportunities for talent.
For Medicon Valley to be a serious contender in the highly competitive global life science race, the cluster as a whole needs to strengthen its ability to attract a constant stream of talent and capital. This is why Medicon Valley Alliance, together with Invest in Skåne and key representatives from industry, academia and public organisations on both sides of Oresund, has initiated the Medicon Valley Beacons. The Beacons aim to help achieve this by showcasing the region’s scientific strongholds and acting as regional landmarks on the global life science map.
Five scientific strongholds are identified as potential Beacons following an extensive evaluation of Medicon Valley by the Boston Consulting Group: Drug Delivery, systems biology, immune regulation, structural biology and independent living.
Each Beacon is characterized by a high degree of cross-disciplinary collaboration between the public and private sector in Denmark and Sweden. The ambition is for the Beacons to have achieved international recognition as world class centers of excellence by 2020 thus underpinning Medicon Valley’s status as a leading life science cluster.
However, we will only release the full potential of Medicon Valley if politicians and the life science industry actively involve themselves in the development of Medicon Valley.
This is a cluster of great potential. We have the businesses, universities, researchers and the infrastructure. Now is the time for both politicians and the life science industry on both sides of the Oresund to roll up their sleeves and make the Medicon Valley dream come true. We have to collaborate regionally to compete globally.

Stig Jørgensen, CEO Medicon Valley Alliance