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Meeting the educational needs of the modern pharmaceutical market

The Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SAPS) maintains a high level of expertise throughout the entire pharmaceutical value chain. The Academy is the leading national provider of continuing education and post-graduate courses in pharmaceutical science, with over 5500 participants attending around 70 centrally organized activities annually.

The activities encompass a broad spectrum of subjects from generally oriented topics to more specific scientific ones. The participants emanate from the pharmaceutical industry, universities, hospitals, authorities and community pharmacies. SAPS offers education and training to anyone working within or in close vicinity to the market of medicinal drugs, with the overall aim of enhancing pharmaceutical research, development and good practices.

Education courses and guidance
Through SAPS, every year around 5500 participants are offered targeted education courses and guidance covering all parts of the pharmaceutical chain, from early research and development to manufacturing and clinical trials and usage. The development of new e-learning concepts has proven to be particularly important as a way to provide training to personnel in pharmacies after the deregulation of Swedish pharmacies a few years back. In addition to being a shared platform for discussion and knowledge exchange, SAPS also offers up-to-date seminars and workshops that can enhance research activities and promote development of new medicinal drugs. Working closely with authorities, universities, companies and research organisations across Sweden, SAPS monitors the market thoroughly. This makes it possible to create educational programs and courses which really meet the needs of the modern pharmaceutical market.

Building new networks
SAPS set up office in Medicon Village in January 2013. The driving force behind this is principally the fact that the region offers major opportunities with a high concentration of expertise accumulated in a relatively small geographical area.
“Looking at the expansive life science cluster in the Oresund region, we will create long-term partnerships with organisations and companies within Medicon Village and the Medicon Valley Alliance”, SAPS Education Manager Göran Lidgren reveals. “One central goal is to establish a far-reaching network of contacts with which we can share our knowledge, this in order to enhance the region’s position as one of Scandinavia’s key centres for pharmaceutical development”.

A mark of quality
The training programs and courses offered by SAPS are often associated with a mark of quality to any participating party. Most likely it is due to SAPS not being dependent on any external organisation, the content of each course is impartial without an underlying goal of promoting a specific product or brand.
As Göran Lidgren points out, “the preliminary goal of SAPS is to provide top-class training in all parts of the pharmaceutical chain and doing so to support the pharmaceutical industry in Sweden, not least as competition intensifies globally”. As Big Pharma increasingly relocates key activities and thus delivers an ever-increasing pressure on the SMEs in pharmaceutical development, maintaining high expertise is now of utmost importance.

A part of SPS
SAPS is part of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society (SPS), an independent non-profit organization with around 5200 individual members, aimed at people engaged in the field of medicinal drugs. The aim of the SPS is to further developments in pharmaceutical research and to promote high, professional standards. Membership is open to everybody within the field and chemists, medical doctors, nurses and other health care workers, as well as researchers and pharmacists, can all benefit from an active membership in SAPS.