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Mentice – dedicated to improving patient safety

Swedish medical technology company Mentice dedicates its activities to improving patient care and safety all over the world. Since the 1990s, the company has invested substantial resources in developing simulation training systems within the fields of endovascular intervention and minimally invasive surgery. Hospitals are today under constant pressure to reduce costs, also for training and continuous education, which in the long run affects patient safety. Mentice’s solutions improves patient care and safety by enabling medical practitioners to perfect their skills by simulating minimally invasive procedures, thus providing a sound investment that ensures more efficient operations and better training.

The simulation systems developed by Mentice are perfect examples of Swedish medical technology making a remarkable difference across the globe. Mentice is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, but delivers its solutions worldwide, with representation in Sweden, United States, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and China. The company has more than 500 vascular installations worldwide, and relies on over 100 validation studies.

The universal challenge
A universal challenge in all healthcare is comprised by an urgent need to become more efficient and proficient. Hospitals are today under constant pressure to reduce costs, which in turn has an impact also on their possibilities to invest in training and continuous education.
“A physician usually allocates part of his/her time to educational tasks such as research and training of junior physicians. However, in most situations this investment is not linked to expected outcome. At the same time, our experience shows that in many situations funds are only raised for a one time investment in a piece of technology, but are then unavailable for the continuous use of this equipment. The problem with that lies in the fact that an initial investment in technology always requires a commitment to further maintain that investment through training and support”, Mentice CEO Göran Malmberg explains.
“We need to see a shift in priorities; ensuring more time and resources to be allocated to training and technological advancement – including maintenance – and this will in turn feed higher efficiency in practice.”

The solution provided by Mentice
There is a need to relate investments in skills and technology to actual outcomes. As Lean Production-related philosophies are applied even in healthcare, the desire to find more efficient, less time-consuming treatments has become evident. Endovascular intervention enables surgeons to reach most vital organs without having to perform open surgery.
“Instead of a large open heart operation, requiring the patient’s chest to be pried open and increasing the risks tremendously, the surgeon can rely on a set of small, precise tools which travel through the patient’s artery system and perform a minimally invasive operation but with the same – or even better – effect”, states Edward Fält, Director of Corporate Strategy at Mentice.

A life-time of improving patient care
The simulation training system delivered by Mentice significantly improves patient care and safety as it enables medical practitioners to perfect their skills by simulating surgical procedures over and over.
“An intervention can be performed and repeated as many times as needed, this would of course never be possible to do on a real patient. Therefore, the investment in the system that we offer is very small considering the positive outcome and the fact that many physicians can use the same system. It is also possible to program the simulator to mirror real operations, in order to save a successful case for teaching purposes”, Technology Manager Torbjörn Ahlqvist explains.