Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Metenova ensures perfect mixing results every time

The Swedish technology company Metenova is the perfect example of how powerful the innovation process can be in Life Science. Thanks to innovations developed by Metenova, pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers can obtain perfect results time after time. The secret is in the mixing process.

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, and especially the new protein-derived biopharmaceuticals, the mixing process is absolutely crucial. It is not only a question of mixing just to distribute the ingredients evenly in large batches, but more importantly to optimise the properties of the substance so that they become effective to the best of their ability and in addition obtain the best possible preservation properties over time.

Nothing left to chance
Nothing is left to chance in developing pharmaceuticals. The entire process, from the initial laboratory testing to the last stages of human trials and then on to market launch, is highly regulated. The process of creating, testing and building the equipment used in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing is just as regulated. Meeting and exceeding high requirements – that is all in a day’s work for Metenova.
“We focus solely on aseptic and sterile drug manufacturing as a niche company specialised in developing mixing equipment. Traditional pharmaceutical drugs, biopharmaceuticals, and vaccines – we provide the best mixing solutions for all requirements, and we have taken the development to the next step when it comes to advanced mixing solutions”, says Johan Westman, CEO, Metenova.

What it takes to succeed globally
Although Metenova was established in 2009, the roots of the company go several decades back. In other words, a lot of experience and knowledge is the basis for today’s Metenova. The technical solution has been developed through several generations of mixers, leading up to today’s third generation mixers. The degree of innovation is high and new products as well as improvements on existing products are launched several times a year.
“We are most definitely in a growth phase where we work with pharmaceutical companies all over the world. They know that our innovation is the best technical solution for mixing in all stages of pharmaceutical development. We provide a secure product and we are a stable and reliable supplier, all of which are very important properties today. We have what it takes to succeed globally when it comes to company structure – as well as the best technical solution”, states Johan Westman.

Slim organisation with great impact
The Metenova team may be slim if compared to market share, consisting of 25 technicians and experts, but the capacity of what they can achieve is great.
“We do indeed have a slim organisation, but we are determined to grow further. Our growth will perhaps not be in terms of numbers, but in terms of market impact and technological advancement. We aim to simply be the global market’s first choice when it comes to mixing equipment in all areas of pharmaceutical development”, explains Johan Westman.
This may seem like an ambitious goal, but it is perfectly reasonable if you look at past success stories in Metenova’s history. The company is experiencing an all time high at present, and the need for pharmaceutical development, particularly in biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, has never been greater than today. Metenova clearly has a bright future ahead.