Sön 26 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Mid Sweden University in new organisation

Mid Sweden University has one of Sweden’s most comprehensive programs for nurses and specialist nurses, as well as midwifery education. After several years of intensive work, Healthcare has become a separate department with enhanced focus on nursing. Previously, the Health- and Life Sciences have been grouped with Sports Science and Criminology including Forensic Psychiatry, Public Health and Rehabilitations Science.

Head of Department Lisbeth Kristiansen sees major benefits of the new organisation where the sole focus is nursing. The department consists of education at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as PhD-program in nursing from this year. The department offers eleven educational programs in total.
“Thanks to the new organisation, we have a highly specialised training program that delves deeper in the subject of nursing. We have struggled to push this through for over two years, and now we can finally reap the benefits of our struggles”, says Lisbeth Kristiansen enthusiastically.

A more specialised organisation
The nursing department will from now on have greater opportunities to establish international partners who see the value of a thorough organisation focused exclusively on health care and nursing. Discussion is already underway with Norway, a nation that has long expressed interest in collaborating with Mid Sweden University. Mid Sweden University has already had Norwegian PhD-students when health science was organised as a broader topic, even though the students had a clear focus on nursing.
“We are undoubtedly strengthening nursing as a discipline by having a separate department solely focusing on educating nurses and midwives”.
Lisbeth Kristiansen also sees increased opportunities for strengthening cooperation with the broad health care sector in order to secure future internships.
“We work and collaborate on several different levels. Collaboration is enhanced as we, Mid Sweden University and the Department of Nursing, are represented in various health care providers’ boards. Our joint efforts to secure internships are also a win-win because the health care sector at large is severely understaffed and we in turn must offer good practice for our future nurses and midwives”, she continues.

Retains scientific expertise locally
Mid Sweden University has access to specialist expertise from the four county hospitals in Sundsvall, Östersund, Sollefteå and Örnsköldsvik.
“Thanks to our cooperation with the country hospitals and prime care givers, we have secured the internships that we need in order to conduct our different nursing programmes as well as the midwifery education that we launched almost two years ago after several years of preparation. This alone was a major step forward for us, and we are now taking another leap forward as we become a highly specialised department. We now have an increased opportunity to maintain and keep scientific excellence locally”, Lisbeth Kristiansen emphasises.
Department of Nursing has operations in Sundsvall and Östersund and until 2014 also in Sollefteå. Subsequently, operations are to be consolidated to Sundsvall and Östersund.