Mån 17 jun / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

More power to the northern region

The company Northvolt’s establishment in Skellefteå adds power to the northern region. Piteå is a municipality and city in a neighbouring county, but with a favourable cooperation with Skellefteå nonetheless. “When it comes to collaboration, municipal and county boundaries are completely uninteresting”, according to Piteå Municipal Chief Executive Ylva Sundkvist.

“The good cooperation we have with Skellefteå is not new to us. We have built on this for a long time before the Northvolt factory was even a rumour. When it comes to our future growth, it is clear that we must promote the entire region, and that includes our neighbouring municipalities such as Luleå and Älvsbyn as well”, says Ylva Sundkvist.
There are many large establishments that in themselves speak for the region. The Northvolt battery factory in Skellefteå, the construction of Europe’s largest land-based wind farm in the Markbygden area in Piteå and the Pite Havsbad Group’s large investments in several facilities in Norrbotten are some examples.
“The municipalities are investing together with the private business community and there have probably never been as many new homes being built in either Piteå, Luleå, Älvsbyn or Skellefteå as now. We are well prepared and we believe in a bright future for our region”, adds Ylva Sundkvist.

Piteå has it all
Ylva Sundkvist describes Piteå and the region as the country’s most attractive place to live and work. It can offer everything you could ever want, and more. Unspoilt nature, short distances from several perspectives, attractive living environments, and housing in dreamlike locations.
“Piteå has everything. A vibrant city center, grand nature, and a lot of cultural activities. We work very intensively with Luleå University of Technology, which has a campus here in Piteå, the Pite Havsbad Group and Studio Acusticum, which is one of Europe’s most modern concert halls. Here, world-class events are organised every year”.
Ylva Sundkvist is proud to represent a municipality that invests so much in culture and leisure overall. Whether you are interested in sports, outdoor life or magnificent musical works, there is always something to be experienced in Piteå.

What more could you possibly want?
Always seeing opportunities is something that depicts Piteå in general, and it is not only about nature and cultural life.
“You should be able to live in one municipality and work in another without obstacles. That is why we are holding discussions with our neighbouring municipalities regarding infrastructural development in the region. Infrastructure is always hot spot in politics as well as in business”, says Ylva Sundkvist.
Other hot spots, as in the rest of Sweden, are childcare and education. Piteå can in fact boast with one of the country’s best schools, according to recent years’ surveys and comparisons.
“We can compete for sure. For those who choose to live and work in our region there are only possibilities. Possibilities to build a good life, attend good schools, have a safe living environment, be part of a developing workplace and not least enjoy a rich leisure time in nature. What more could you possibly want?”, concludes Ylva Sundkvist.