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Neoss can look forward to a wide range of opportunities in the world of dental implants

Simplicity, compatibility and a patient-oriented approach – Neoss is founded on an ambition to integrate all three into a single solution based on continuous research. The Neoss Dental Implant System is built up on a single platform, thus making communication between dental surgeons, laboratory technicians and prosthodontists significantly easier and not to mention safe and efficient. The solution developed by Neoss relies on one abutment connection for all diameters, hence the requirement of only one line of instruments and abutments to secure all solutions.

Neoss relies on over forty years of experience in the rapidly evolving world of dental implants. The company was founded in the year 2000 by Dr Neil Meredith, previously maintaining positions in dentistry at the universities of Leeds, Bristol and Gothenburg, in collaboration with Fredrik Engman, who worked as a surface development engineer at Volvo before joining Nobel Biocare as a senior product development engineer where he made a number of significant inventions in the dental implant area.
Before founding Neoss, Neil Meredith co-founded a spin-off company with Imperial College, London, aiming to further develop a unique test method for measuring implant performance. The method, Osstell, is now the world standard for the measurement of clinical implant performance.

Launch of the Neoss Tapered Implant
Neoss has seen rapid growth over the past few years, despite the down turn in the market. Even though cosmetic dentistry at large was widely affected during the recession Neoss managed to secure growth due to innovative engineering focusing on a simple and comprehensive implant system.
“Our aim is to provide dentists with a simple solution, a system that corresponds to all needs within cosmetic dentistry based on one single platform. Our new tapered implant is based on many of the same components as the current Neoss ProActive Implant, as well as a simplified drilling system making it easier for dentists to apply the solution to a wider range of patients, including those with very little bone and/or soft bone”, says co-founder and CTO, Fredrik Engman.
The Neoss Tapered Implant was introduced on the US, Australian and Italian markets first, and is now being launched in Sweden and Germany. “The launch is a perfect example of how we can make a new start on a well-defined market by introducing added value based on simplicity. Everything we do is based on the idea to make dental implants simpler and easier to handle”, Engman continues.

Wide range of opportunities
Neoss is at the forefront of the continuous and rapid development of the dental implant industry. The well-established experience grants stability, the single platform system manifests simplicity and compatibility. The Neoss System provides prosthetic freedom to work in all materials and with challenging designs through Neoss Individual Prosthetics, offering patients the most aesthetic and functional solution available today.
The company is built up by extensive experience originating from various research areas in several countries with Neil Meredith and Fredrik Engman at the core of development. With Michael J.Dormer as CEO, Mr Dormer being widely recognised within the Medtech field as former Worldwide Chairman of Medical Devices and Diagnostics and Executive Commitee member of Johnson and Johnson Inc., Neoss is presented with a wide range of opportunities in the world of dental implants.