Lör 26 nov / År 40 / Nr 4 2022

New airline likely to boost northern Lapland tourism

A large part of the northern Lapland region is connected to key hubs in Germany via Arvidsjaur Airport. The latest addition is a direct line to Cologne, a development likely to strengthen the northern hinterland tourism significantly.

The daily activities at Arvidsjaur Airport provides a scenario more intense than what many may believe. Flying to the small city of Arvidsjaur is a good way to quickly get to northern Lapland and the hinterlands of the Norrbotten region.
Cologne is the fifth German hub to be established from Arvidsjaur Airport. With connections for business travel already long-established in the region, there is a prominent need to focus more on connections to boost tourism. Cologne is strategically a favourable choice, being at the heart of the European automotive industry and at the same time being in the perfect position to attract more visitors to northern Lapland.

Developing the hinterlands
Arvidsjaur and its surrounding municipalities are perhaps mostly known for their expansive test business within the automotive industry. This is not something that has developed by chance. The automotive testing business largely benefits from the northern natural assets of snow, coldness and darkness. In fact, this generates a billion-dollar industry.
Furthermore, inside the region there are unique values in terms of untouched nature, offering amazing experiences such as hiking, white water rafting as well as hunting and fishing, just to name a few.
“What we are doing now is an important step towards the future of all businesses in our region. We invest in constant progress within all areas, creating a solid foundation for development of our region. The airport has already gone through substantial development, and I see no slowdown ahead. We are ready to expand on every front with higher pressure on scheduled flights, shipping and charter”, says Ralf Lundberg, Airport Manager. 

The role of Arvidsjaur Airport
In order to be able to continue to be a driving force for the region the airport must once more expand. In addition to the new establishment of the connection to Cologne, there are ongoing plans of developing the surrounding area closest to the airport. This will most likely be of interest to companies looking to establish their business near the airport and thus taking advantage of the existing infrastructure.  
“Our most important role today and in the future is to make sure that the regional infrastructure has sufficient capacity, ensuring that business and leisure travellers can get to and from the region without difficulties. There are many expanding businesses in our vicinity as it is, and we must be able to meet their needs and promote continuous growth with a possibility to establish new business as well”, Ralf Lundberg continues.

More than Northern lights and automotive
In addition to more German tourists longing for such things as Northern lights and the calmness in the northern Lapland hinterland, the region will most likely be visited by more business travellers as well. It is not just within automotive testing, but in other fields of excellence as well. One example is business connected to military applications and equipment.

“We have to expand our capacity in order to handle an increased level of travel, and at the same time we are aiming to be forerunners when it comes to sustainability. It is all about tying together our infrastructure in a smart way and I can assure that there will be a lot of exciting things happening soon”, concludes Ralf Lundberg.