Fre 14 jun / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

New drugs to provide fast and reliable pain relief

The recently founded drug development company Klaria Pharma nurtures high hopes regarding more rapid and efficient pain relief for patients suffering from bouts of acute pain – primarily from migraine or cancer. The new drugs are based on approved and well-established substances, which dramatically decreases time to market. The drugs are delivered by an innovative method and this forms the basis of the innovative step made by Klaria Pharma.

New drugs for treating acute pain make up Klaria Pharma’s portfolio. More specifically, the main focus is on developing treatments for migraine and acute pain related to cancer. “The market for these types of drugs is substantial and growing. About 12 percent of the world population suffers from migraine. For the relief of acute and severe cancer-related pain, the market is even bigger. It is estimated that over 15 percent of the world’s population is in need of this type of pain relief” Dr. Scott Boyer, Klaria’s CEO, explains.

Market introduction only a few years away
Klaria Pharma is currently in the middle of the development process with approximately three years before registration of their first product. First-in-man clinical studies are to begin this fall. For a pharmaceutical project, the three years from clinical trials to registration is a very short timeframe. This is possible in Klaria Pharma’s case thanks to the application of an already proven substance in an improved delivery form.
In the development of Klaria’s products, the essential studies and verifications of efficacy need not be repeated. However, what is essential is to prove that the same exposure to the drug can be delivered by the new product. The delivery is in the form of a thin film, similar to a stamp, which is easily placed inside the patient’s mouth. This delivery method is novel to the product category, but it is already known that the method can significantly speed up the pharmacological effect of other substances.
Scott Boyer reveals that funding for the full development of Klaria’s project portfolio has been secured. “Since the effect of the substances has already been proven, Klaria’s projects are considered to be of lower risk while still containing significant intellectual property protection. This combination is very attractive to investors”, he says.

Bringing clarity and security
Scott Boyer underlines that the Swedish drug development environment, based on Swedish values and traditions where one cares about getting details right from the start, greatly reduces project risks.
“Swedish drug developers are often well-managed companies with transparency and full overview of all processes. This increases confidence”.
Klaria Pharma was established early in 2015 and the company name is derived from complaints made by patients suffering from migraine in particular. Dr. Boyer explains:
“These patients often complain of fuzziness in the head, and the products we develop will help to remove it. It brings back clarity, hence the name Klaria”.
In conclusion, Scott Boyer adds:
“We have high hopes for the new drug portfolio, which is meant to give greater control, security and better quality of life. For migraine and cancer patients, it is critical to feel secure in the knowledge that rapid, reliable pain relief is at hand whenever needed”.