Mån 17 jun / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

New technology can improve person-centered care

Scionova is a company with communication, connectivity and connected systems as specialty. In healthcare and medical technology, flawless connections are essential, as well as constant monitoring of critical systems. This is what Scionova does.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer science fiction. We live in a reality where we are constantly surrounded by technology and devices that communicate with us and with each other without us having to do much. In order for this scenario to be sustainable over time, someone has to take care of system possibilities to develop as well as continuous connectivity.
“Our technology solutions already exist in millions of units. We help our customers connect products for many purposes, for example to streamline operations or to simplify users’ lives. We also conduct preliminary needs analysis of companies’ existing functions and suggest solutions and improvements based on that”, explains Henrik Sjöström, Scionova CEO.

Breaking new ground in Medtech
The modern automotive industry is an example of a growing customer base in which Scionova has already been involved in developing the next generation of connected cars, but major changes are also taking place within Medtech with healthcare rapidly being digitized. Scionova is looking to break new ground within this field.
“For example, we have ongoing projects in medical technology where we develop products and solutions to improve and streamline person-centered care. You should be able to read your own values ??with the help of technology and if something is not right, you can contact the healthcare system based on that. Some systems should even be able to alert the healthcare providers automatically, without the user having to do so”, Henrik Sjöström explains further.
The modern person-centered care is already high-tech and is essentially about preventing diseases using digital tools. As a patient you should always be connected. There are many examples, one is that it is always possible to measure current values ??with the help of a seemingly simple bracelet that the patient wears. A lot has also happened in the area of ??diabetes, where patients themselves can make their own diagnosis and start taking measures with the help of technical means.

Application: improved communication in hospitals
Scionova was founded by Peter Fredriksson and Joakim Ceder, both having worked with connected solutions as a master’s degree project at Halmstad University. The founders also collaborated with researchers at the university, aiming to explore new application methods of Bluetooth in industry. This is now applied in the development of communication platforms in hospital environments, among other things.
“We collaborate with Medtech companies which have several different solutions for improved communication systems in the medtech and hospital environment. Here, as in the automotive industry, safety plays a major role. Patient information should be kept secure from unauthorized intrusion, but at the same time, cooperation should run smoothly between different units within the healthcare system”, says Henrik Sjöström.
Technology development is rapidly increasing. The industrial customers of today use the technology that was only at research level when Scionova was founded. Embracing new ideas and taking the step to invest in ground-breaking innovations is the future – and the founders of Scionova knew that several years ago.