Sön 14 aug / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Nigaard brings new and exclusive pharmaceuticals to the North

The Nordic market is often seen as fragmented and relatively complex to enter. At least if you are a large, multinational pharmaceutical developer. Norwegian registered Nigaard Pharma provides full access to the entire market, including a full service concept covering all Nordic countries. Current focus is on allergy and respiratory, but the ambition is for Nigaard to expand into neighbouring segments gradually.

Nigaard is currently occupied with the task of bringing new pharmaceuticals for treating allergies, lung infections due to cystic fibrosis and non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis to the market.
“These areas are very specific, but at the same time there is a large and continuously increasing market demand for new treatments here. In fact, approximately 25 percent of the Nordic population suffers from allergies of various kinds. And it is not likely to decrease in numbers over the next ten years – rather the opposite”, says Nigaard founder and CEO Kjetil Herland.
The service concept covers the regulatory approval process, pharmacovigilance, a fully obtained re-imbursement process, target marketing and key opinion leader access.

Strong approach with new treatments
Some allergies are more serious than others. In some people, severe allergic reactions to environmental or dietary allergens or to medication can be life-threatening. Nigaard has a strong approach with new treatments in the Stallergenes and Uriach portfolios.
Stallergenes offers both diagnostics and desensitisation treatments. Nigaard has exclusive rights to market and distribute the company’s products across Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Finland. The Stallergenes range alone has a market opportunity of about 20 million Euro.
Uriach is currently introducing a new type of antihistamine, Rupatadine, on a market dominated by low-cost generic treatments. Nigaard brings them closer to market throughout the Nordic countries, and an increase in sales is likely during the next couple of years.
Through Nigaard, the international pharmaceutical developer Profile Pharma Ltd can present a new inhaled antibiotic to a small population of cystic fibrosis sufferers in the Nordic countries. Patients with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis make up a bigger target group that can also benefit from inhaled antibiotics. Thus, there is significant market opportunity in these segments as well.

A promising market?
Interestingly, Nigaard was established in 2002 with the very purpose of marketing an inhaled antibiotic. From the very beginning, the purpose has been to establish a fully licensed pharmaceutical company with the knowledge and power to bring new, innovative drugs to the Nordic market.
“We have acted against the recent trend of pharmaceutical companies moving out of the Nordic region. We believe that there is a lot that has to be done here, and we are willing to accept the challenge. The Nordic market is very promising to anyone willing to expand in allergy and respiratory in particular”, Kjetil Herland reveals.

Exactly where we want to be
During 2015, Nigaard will continue to expand with new opportunities. The sales force will expand across all Nordic countries. Further growth is likely not least in the Medicon Valley-region, as Nigaard relocated the Swedish branch from Stockholm to Lund some years ago. Kjetil Herland points out that from a Nordic perspective, Lund and Medicon Valley is located right at the heart of Scandinavia. And this is exactly where Nigaard wants to be now and in the future.