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Nolato Medical Solutions: Polymer solutions provider for the life sciences industry

With 75 years of experience, Nolato Medical Solutions is a global turnkey solutions provider, giving companies access to polymer systems with integrated mechanic and electronic components to bring healthcare products and solutions to the market.

Founded in 1938 as Nordiska Latexfabriken i Torekov, Nolato is a specialist in innovative solution polymer products that has grown through acquisition. Nolato Medical Solutions focuses on developing and manufacturing medical devices and advanced packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.
“We have worked in the medical field for over 50 years. We see ourselves as more than a production partner; we are a complete solution provider from idea to production,” said Johan Iveberg, president, Nolato Medical Solutions.
Nolato Medical Solutions provides teams and production sites that work exclusively with medical technology and pharmaceuticals customers, including clean rooms for medical products that require a controlled environment. Nolato Medical Solutions can work in plastics, thermoplastics and silicones, and the company’s capabilities include injection moulding, injection blow moulding, extrusion, and dip moulding, along with high-speed and manual assembly.

The Nolato Medical Solutions process
The process begins with a meeting with the client to discuss the brief, which may be just an idea, for example a drug in phase 1 that needs a bespoke delivery device, a biologic that requires a tailored form of packaging, or a medical device that uses precision components.
As a complete solutions provider, Nolato Medical Solutions can manage the entire process, taking customers from the idea, through design and development, full engineering services, asset builds, validated pilot production and validated clinical trial builds, on to post-trial support to create a validated production process. This combines innovation with practical manufacturing knowledge and state of the art capabilities.
“Our expertise is in manufacturing and production, and we have over 150 engineers in house, based at our Global Technical Design Centres and our manufacturing sites. Where more specialist know-how is required, we can bring on board sub-contractors as needed, such as design companies, specialist polymer companies, and technology providers,” said Iveberg. “We understand the need for different partners for different approaches, as no one supplier provides all the answers, and we will always partner with the best.”

Combining local and global
Working on a decentralised model, Nolato Medical Solutions is able to combine cross-sector and global knowledge, expertise and resources with contacts in local units.
“Our global footprint, with more than 20 sites across Europe, Asia and North America, mean that we can provide global customer support,” said Iveberg.
This type of business model also supports rapid decision-making and flexibility. The company also prides itself on its long-term relationships with its customers, especially when the timelines for the development of some products from concept to production can be a decade or more.