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Nordic Supplier of Superior Lab Equipment

Techtum Lab in Umeå provides laboratories with novel, high quality, instruments and consumables. Especially in the fields of qPCR and PCR machinery, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) reagents, and analyses of DNA, RNA and proteins. They’ve also developed their own platform for sample preparation for screening of MRSA.

Techtum (TECHnology Team UMeå) is a supplier and partner for clinical laboratories and research labs in the Nordic countries. The company was founded in 1975 by four product developers from Pharmacia Fine Chemicals (now GE Healthcare).

In the beginning they developed instruments as consultants in projects for universities, hospitals and the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), as well as the company’s own line of products.

In 1978, the company started to import and distribute instruments and consumables from market leading brands, primarily to universities and hospitals in Sweden and other Nordic countries. Even though this has since been their main business, the spirit of innovation has never left the company. They’ve, for instance, developed their own platform for sample preparation for screening of MRSA in hospitals.

”The goal is to offer innovative, smart and cost-effective products that help improve our customers’ research and diagnostics. Offering that extra service and support is one of our strongest motivators,” says Håkan Evefors, CEO of Techtum Lab AB.

The company has deep knowledge within the fields of microbiological diagnostics, qPCR/PCR/NGS, extraction, fluid-handling robots and biobank equipment. They put a lot of effort in finding novel instruments and be a step ahead of standard market products.

”We focus on niche products, which add value to our customers, and work a lot with customised solutions. It requires that we educate our customers and offer a high level of service and support,” Håkan Evefors explains.

Close Customer Relations
Their main customers are university research groups and hospital labs and Techtum has framework agreements with the major universities and hospitals in Sweden.

”For example, two of our engineers work full-time servicing the 20 major hospitals in Sweden, whom all have service agreements with us. We also have biotech and pharma companies as customers,” Håkan Evefors comments.

Techtum has eight employees and an annual turnover of approx. MSEK 25. The small size of the company promotes close customer relations and fast decision-making. Normally, a customer has access to the same contact person at Techtum throughout the contract period.

Since March 2011, the company is a subsidiary to AlphaHelix Molecular Diagnostics in Uppsala, but is still headquartered in Umeå.

”We’re proud of being based in Umeå for 40 years. Even though we have offices in Stockholm and Lund as well our main office, stock and customer support are all situated in Umeå,” Håkan Evefors concludes.