Mån 17 jun / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

One House – Many Possibilities

More and more companies find their way to the The Biotech Center in Gothenburg, situated on the Arvid Wallgrens backe on the western slope of Medicinareberget.

The Biotech Center was actually established as a consequence of Arvid Carlsson winning the Nobel Prize in 2000. The municipality of Gothenburg wanted the competence centred around his research to stay in Gothenburg.
So, the municipality’s real estate company Higab was assigned to create a site where his and others’ discoveries in biotech and medicine could bloom into successful companies.
Already in 2004, the building was ready to house its first tenant, Carlsson Research AB. Since then, more and more companies have moved in and today the house is almost fully occupied.
”We’re witnessing an increased interest for sure, especially the last few years,” says Anders Thulin, Key Account Manager for the Biotech Center, Higab AB.
The Biotech Center is suitable for small companies that have advanced from the incubator stage and that are in need of office and laboratory space between 250-1,500 sqm.
”Much of what you need is already in place, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on building a lab from scratch. Since last year, we collaborate with the Sahlgrenska Science Park to facilitate a smooth transition from the incubator to the Biotech Center,” he adds.

Space for Work, Exercise and Relaxation
Apart from office and lab space, the nine stories high and 16,000 sqm building also offers several shared facilities such as conference rooms, a gym and even a sauna on the top-floor with a great view over western Gothenburg.

”The house is fantastic! Then you have the closeness to Sahlgrenska Science Park, the Academy and the GMP manufacturing laboratory. Everything we need is within walking distance. Altogether it made us establish here rather than at other Gothenburg locations,” says Raimund Strehl, PhD, Chief Technology Officer at NovaHep AB.
NovaHep provides a unique and ground-breaking technology for biological engineering of individualised blood vessels and other organs for transplantation. Since last year, they rent office space, laboratories and a cell cultivation room at Biotech Center.
”We share our space with two other companies, Toleranzia and Luxbright. The laboratories we took over from another company, which only took some smaller adjustments to fit our needs. The space is flexible and gives us some room for expansion,” he concludes.