Ons 1 dec / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

Only long-term investments at Ektank

The island of Donsö has long been a hub for Swedish shipping and Donsö shipowners are keen to invest in new vessels to maintain a high profile. The head office of Ektank is nowadays located at the heart of Gothenburg and the vessels operate under the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS), but Ektank is still very much a part of the Donsö shipping tradition.

Ektank has continued to renew its operations since Captain Hans-Yngve Johnsson established the shipping company at Donsö in the 1960s. Thanks to strategic investments at the right time, Ektank was able to survive the latest financial crisis and today the company is doing well. The second generation has taken over with Jörgen Johnsson at the helm, and Ektank is not afraid of new challenges.
“It is with good confidence to the future that we have chosen to invest in two completely new tankers. They were delivered in the autumn of 2018 with a capacity of 22,700 cubic meters each, including sloptanks. The engines are powered by marine diesel but are built for possible conversion to other energy sources, which is a conscious choice given the current climate debate”, says Jörgen Johnsson.
The management and crew behind Ektank’s operations are looking forward to further market development of fossil-free fuel alternatives, and retains the NIS-flag for its six modern tank vessels. All with ice class 1A enabling for operation in northern Europe and the Baltic Sea.

Sustainable from several perspectives
Investing in fast money that is not fully sustainable for the future is nothing for a healthy and long-term striving company like Ektank. Instead, investing with a long-term perspective and with caution is something that has always been company focus.
“We must be able to show that we keep our promises”, says Jörgen Johnsson. “Over the past ten years, we have made radical environmental improvements throughout our own operations. We are prepared for further improvements in energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. For example, we have already reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent, sulfur emissions by as much as 97 percent and nitrogen oxide emissions by about 50 percent”.
Ektank will continue to be a patriot for the Swedish shipping industry, but so far the NIS-flag is retained on all ships.
“When our new vessels Ek-River and Ek-Stream were being built in China, we were thinking of introducing the Swedish flag to Ektank. However, at the same time the Norwegian state informed that they would introduce a system in 2017 that resembled the Swedish shipping support. Therefore, the NIS-flag is still the best option for us”, Jörgen Johnsson emphasizes, and continues: “Our vessels are of high quality, as well as the expertise of our crew. Another major contributing factor in our choice to keep the NIS-flag is that it is difficult to find experienced Swedish sea farers”.

On to another 50 years
Ektank has transported energy products since 1968 and will continue to develop the fleet for high quality delivery aiming for another 50 years.
“Taking new market shares in our industry is difficult, but we know that we have a head start. We will continuously focus on high load capacity with energy- and operational efficiency, with a very good ability to adapt to future demands of customers, market regulations and not least the environment”, Jörgen Johnsson concludes.