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Our welfare requires young talents and new ideas

Our healthcare of the future is being developed very differently to what we are used to today. The last decade’s changes in demographics and the technological development increase the pressure on healthcare to deliver faster, better and more cost-efficient treatments to an aging population. In turn, the pressure on efficient product development has never been greater than now.

In the not too distant future we will have to face the challenge of having a larger population of elderly people in relation to a smaller working population. New demands in healthcare entails new needs for technology solutions and more effective medicines, and it is all about the person-centred care being yet more available, more accessible and more cost-efficient than ever before.

A new model for boosting ideas
Essentially, we must all be involved in creating a certain level of welfare that we can afford. For this to be possible and sustainable in the long run, younger researchers, entrepreneurs and employees must be granted a chance to contribute with new ideas.
In order to help young people create a successful career in life science, experienced project consultant Anna Larsson established a company largely based on the need for exchange of thoughts, knowledge and experience. It is through the unique training and knowledge-rotating programs coordinated by her Medicon Village-based company Projektsupport S-O, that Anna hopes to boost interest throughout the entire Oresund region as well as other well-established life science clusters in Scandinavia.
“We offer so called Rotrainee programs. The model is based on interaction and knowledge exchange, where the rotrainee will have the opportunity to work in different companies and environments. It is, unlike a standard trainee program, a shared program relying on the rotation of ideas, people and thoughts between several companies and organisations also sharing the costs”, Anna Larsson explains.

A novel approach in healthcare
Anna is currently recruiting organisations to participate in the upcoming programs,   ROTATIONSHIP® 2015 – 2017. “The two year program will open new opportunities for young talents as well as the companies and organisations involved. It has been developed to also include companies lacking possibility to offer traineeships”, she says.
The joint outcome will most likely be more powerful than any individual efforts.
“Effective and successful product development that is responsive to future demands in healthcare requires a novel approach”, Anna continues.
Traditionally, product development has been reserved and bestowed to larger companies, each having their own in-house R&D departments. Today, there is an expansive realm of new start-up companies focusing on the first steps in the development of new products in life science. The projects are purchased by the larger companies at a given stage, the start-up companies more or less acting like an external R&D department.
Through the innovative services of Projektsupport S-O, any development-oriented company can be better prepared for the next level of efficient product development. The company is initially focusing on the Stockholm – Oresund area, but further expansion is likely as more and more partners become aware of the unique benefits that are offered.