Tor 2 dec / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

Patent Team Niched for Life Science

Novitas Patent is a small, niche, patent firm, who offers high-quality IP services for innovations in chemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, new materials and medtech.

”Our life science clients range from small to big companies, based in Sweden and abroad. Quite a few of our clients are situated in Gothenburg, where we have a strong presence,” says Anders Berglund, M.Sc., Patent Attorney and Partner of Novitas Patent AB.
The five patent attorneys are all part-owners of the firm and cater to a close client relation.

”Our low staff turnover creates a high degree of continuity, where the same attorney handles a case throughout the process, which may last for 5-10 years. Moreover, our small organisation favours a cost-effective work process that fits the needs of both small and big companies, so our clients can safely grow with us knowing that we handle their IP with utmost care,” he adds.

Many of the cases handled by Novitas Patent concern innovations in the pharma industry and are based on organic chemistry and biochemistry. New materials is another of the firm’s focus areas, especially polymers and cellulose-based materials.
”There’s a certain interest among companies to replace synthetic plastics derived from petrochemicals with other raw materials,” Anders Berglund comments.

E-health is another area with growing interest. ”However, many gropes about protection and business model. So, this field certainly has some challenges left to solve before it can take off,” he says.

Joint-Venture with Bergenstråhle & Partners
To strengthen their competence for e.g. medtech patent applications, Novitas Patent AB has recently signed a joint-venture agreement with the well-established patent firm Bergenstråhle & Partners, founded in 1934.
”They’re a much bigger firm with 50-60 employees. Together, we’ll become a dominant actor in Sweden in life science IP.”
”We’ll become a full-service provider, with an offering that covers design and electronics to an extent we haven’t been able to offer before,” Anders Berglund concludes.