Ons 21 feb / År 42 / Nr 5 2023

PharmaRelations Meets Shortage of Staff

With its vast network of competent professionals and tailor-made recruitment services offering, PharmaRelations meets the shortage of academic specialists currently experienced on the Nordic life science market.

PharmaRelations provides temporary staffing and recruitment services for companies and organisations within the life sciences. All of their consultants have a background, including leadership and management experience, in the life science industry.
”We do traditional recruitment of all levels within life science and our services are individualised and tailor-made, based on the customer’s needs and price expectation,” says Kim Raabymagle, Country Manager Denmark, PharmaRelations. “But in addition to that we offer temporary staffing in both Sales & Marketing and Medical & Scientific areas where our talented consultants work for our customers for a shorter or longer period.”
The recruitment team covers the entire process in-house, including search, interviews, tests, references and contracts, as well as follow-up after 6 months. ”If the candidate has left the position during the first 6 months, we compensate our client with a new candidate,” he adds.
In Denmark, PharmaRelations conducts more than 100 interviews with candidates as well as 2-300 pro-active interviews with could-be candidates per year. In addition to that many customer visits each year contribute to PharmaRelations deep knowledge of the Life Science industry. “It is critical for our customers that we really know the industry and the trends in the therapeutic areas. That helps us understand our customers needs and be able to meet them,” says Kim Raabymagle.
”Key to our business process is that we prioritise our customers, candidates and consultants equally high. It’s because today we may interview a candidate that tomorrow might be a customer or a customer that becomes one of our consultants in the future,” comments Kim Raabymagle.
Try and hire is another of the company’s concepts that’s appreciated by their customers. In that case they employ the consultant that works for their customer for an agreed time-period. After the period, and if all parties agree, the consultant is hired by the customer.

Increased Mobility Across the Öresund
PharmaRelations was established in Stockholm 20 years ago and covers all four Nordic countries since several years. During this time is has built up a huge network across the region.
”We established a physical office in Lyngby, Copenhagen, in 2015. But, we’ve been working on the Danish market through partners for five years,” says Kim Raabymagle and informs that they currently have 2 recruitment consultants on the Danish market and 12 in the Nordic countries in total.
Many Danish life science companies experience a shortage of specialists with academic degrees, such as product developers, health economists and sales and marketing professionals. However, PharmaRelations finds it relatively easy to attract highly educated and skilled candidates for contract employment.
”Many candidates contact me, asking for an unconditional interview, and I receive approx. 25 new relevant resumés per week from people looking for a new job. I believe it’s our concept of prioritising all three roles: customer, candidate and consultant equally high that makes us attractive. That makes sense for what we’re doing. The mobility has also increased in the last years, so candidates are more willing to travel across the Öresund as long as it’s within driving distance.”