Tis 9 aug / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Pipeline Biotech Opens Branch in Lund

On May 19th, the Danish CRO Pipeline Biotech opened a branch in Lund, Sweden, under the name Timeline Bioresearch.

”Establishing a branch in Sweden is a major step for us. This was a unique opportunity for us to expand to another location,” says CEO Johnny Krogh Hansen.

A professional team, starting with four people, will work at the branch in Lund, offering their services to clients in Northern Europe.

”It’s indeed a good opportunity for the company, which has existed for 15 years. The research environment in Lund is very dynamic, with a high concentration of research activity in the life sciences. Being located in Lund, our Swedish branch is actually closer to the pharmaceutical market in Copenhagen than our headquarter in Århus is. It also brings us closer to the market in Stockholm,” says Klaus Kristensen, founder and Chief Business Officer of Pipeline Biotech.

Johnny Krogh Hansen believes that the company will incorporate Bioresearch into the original company name as well.

”It tells people more of what we do, we’re a contract research company engaged in preclinical biomedical in vivo pharmacology, especially on cancer, inflammation, obesity and diabetes,” he says.

14/14 policy
The sponsors are research institutions as well as biotech- and pharmaceutical companies. The company’s flexible approach, transparency and close communication are appreciated among their clients and they often act as a direct extension of the clients’ own in-house research activities.

”We provide studies and programmes that are designed to meet individual client needs for special purpose research and development. Technical services, study management and reporting are performed in close dialogue with the client. Our customers can utilise our staff as technical support if they don’t have the needed resources themselves. We also have pharma companies as customers, such as all the Scandinavian pharma companies as well as some big central European players. We are very open to our clients and even let them be present in our laboratories during critical phases of the research,” Johnny Krogh Hansen tells.

Knowing that rapid lead times are of great importance for the sponsors, the timeline for standard study start up is 14 days, as is the timeline for reporting of standard studies. “We call this the 14/14 policy,” states Johnny Krogh Hansen.

Many projects in preclinical phase
The company has been offering in vivo pharmacology studies in the major laboratory animal species since the late 1990s. The laboratory works in a rigorous GLP/GMP environment while understanding the need for progress and rapid study turnover in the early drug discovery process.

”Our new facilities are some of the most modern in Scandinavia and we look forward to welcoming new clients in this new setting,” Johnny Krogh Hansen informs.

The market for preclinical studies in Denmark and Sweden is good and looks promising, according to both Johnny Krogh Hansen and Klaus Kristensen.

”There are many projects in preclinical phase in the two countries,” says Johnny Krogh Hansen.

”We’ve been working with this for 15 years now, so we know there’s a market for what we’re doing,” Klaus Kristensen concludes.