Ons 1 dec / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

Piteå is perfect for sustainable development

Not many people could have missed either the establishment of Northvolt in Skellefteå or the development of the Markbygden wind power plant in Piteå. Both mark the beginning of a new era in terms of technological development and not least the much-needed shift to renewable energy production. There seems to be a clean strategy to be the best region for green technology.

The municipality of Piteå has developed a more comprehensive environmental program to meet the future – and it is all about promoting green technology and development. Further, there is now a climate change action plan in place, ready to be presented this fall.

Meeting challenges related to climate change
The existing action plan for environment, climate and energy has been revised and in addition a new action plan for climate change is ready to launch. For Piteå to meet the foreseen climate changes, the original environmental program is not enough. Therefore, the two action plans are combined with common goals of reducing environmental impact, reducing energy consumption, and increasing preparedness for climate change.
“Piteå needs new tools to meet the future challenges related to climate change. There are many important questions here. One of them is related to how we can combine technology for low energy consumption with that of preparing for climate change. There will be more heat waves and more rainstorms and floods in future, how can we build reliable energy systems for a future like that? We are trying to address questions such as these in the new action plan”, says Maria Widman, Community Developer in Piteå.
One thing is for sure, and that is climate change costs money. Power lines will need to be rebuilt. New facilities for handling larger quantities of stormwater will be needed. Buildings will need new and stronger foundations, et cetera, et cetera. Meeting climate change is an ongoing work all over Sweden, and Piteå is among the first to present a solid action plan on the matter.

Green development at Haraholmen Industrial Park
Piteå is progressive in many ways besides the preparations for climate change. Mostly, it boils down to Piteå being the perfect place for cleantech and sustainable development. The Markbygden wind power plant is a well-known example, and the same is true of the Haraholmen Industrial Park, which is currently under development.
The Haraholmen Industrial Park is located close to the Port of Piteå and the Markbygden wind power plant. Thus, it combines the best of two worlds when it comes to establishment opportunities at the heart of green development. It is an area of approximately 740,000 square meters, where around half of it has already been claimed for development by several companies operating in cleantech, renewable energy, green logistics and related industries.
“All companies that are dependent on large areas for operation, good logistics flows with proximity to the port and who at the same time want to use renewable energy are potential partners in future establishments at the Haraholmen Industrial Park”, says Stina Johansson, Business Developer at the municipality of Piteå.
Both national and international companies have shown interest in being a part of the park development.